Monday, January 12, 2015

646. The Power of Attentive Uncontaminated Mind (AUM)...!

Shraddhavan labhate Jnanam” (Those who are attentive can only imbibe knowledge). Being attentive is like acquiring inquisitiveness without any deviation. This attentiveness can land us in a wrong field also; hence we need to be aware of which Preya (Pleasant) is and which is Shreya (beneficial), so that we do not land up in a field of ambiguity. Mostly we adore both Preya and Shreya, which is the reason that we are terribly torn between them. Instead of blending all our energies into one direction, we squander them by being pulled into two opposite directions. We make a resolution to stay away from oily and fried food, but no sooner our eyes falls on them our resolution takes the back seat and we munch right into them. Although we regret it later, it just adds more problems because now we have guilt also to defend. To stick to resolutions one need to have an Attentive Uncontaminated Mind (AUM).

Attentive Uncontaminated Mind is the mental state without judicious, emotional and self attached thoughts. With attachment and ego a person may be clever at being selfish, but he is never wise as it keeps the mind wavering always. Most of our malevolence desires usually come out from contaminated and wavering mind. A thought to purify our mind hardly ever comes to us probably because we do not consider it as one of the determining factor for success.

 A person is in need of certain thing and do not know where he can purchase them, but if he has an exact idea of what he is looking for will amazingly land in the shop where the thing he is looking for is in the shelf kept to be sold. Maybe that object he is looking for might not be available elsewhere other than that shop into which he has steeped in. It is his mind which has landed him there. I suppose many of us have experienced this situation where in, that which we would want will be right in front of us. It happens only when at the time of consideration our mind is unadulterated with unwanted thoughts.

 While in Chicago, USA, to attend the World Parliament of Religion in 1893, Swami Vivekananda happened to see a group of young boys trying to shoot egg shells floating in the river below from the bridge. They were firing from their air gun many times but none were able to hit the target. Swami Vivekananda stood there watching them with keen interest and one of the boys asked him whether he wished to try to shoot them. 

Swami Vivekananda took the air gun focused on the egg shells for some time and fired at them a number of times. To the amazement of the young boys every bullet that was fired hit the target. 

The young boys were stunned and asked Swami Vivekananda with all wonder, “Sir, where did you learn to shoot so accurately?” 

Swami Vivekananda replied, “To be frank this is the first time I have handled a gun in my life. If you are wondering how I could hit the target I will tell you the secret: your teacher taught you to shoot while my teacher taught me how to concentrate. Concentration comes when the mind is attentive and uncontaminated with unnecessary thoughts.”

It is today in 1863 Pushya Bhahula Saptami Swamy Vivekananda appeared to guide the young.....I bow to that Divine Energy. 

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