Saturday, September 3, 2016

866. Gowri created Ganapati....!

Gowri created Ganapati from the dirt of her body. Would that dirt mean the cells from Her skin??? Did Maa Gowri create Ganesha with the cells from her skin???

The scientists of Reproductive Science who are conducting research on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) are sure that babies can be produced from skin cells. It may sound like it’s on the scientific fringe, but it’s not a pipe dream. This is actually happening.

The skin-to-gamete research is perhaps the most sensational of the technologies in recent times. The human body is made of billions of cells and each cell in the body is a body itself. The cells of the body have immense power. There is a far bigger program embedded in the cell of a body. Scientists are now finding ways to create babies out of the individual cells of a woman so someday as Maa Gowri create Ganesha without Maharudradeva it is possible that man is no more needed to have a progeny.

Earlier when we read about the birth of Kauravas where the zygote were stored in earthen pots by Sage Vyasa many felt if that could be possible then we had this test tube babies created by scientists. The birth of Balarama, the elder brother of Sri Krishna raised many eyebrows as none could believe that the zygote of a couple could be implanted in the womb of other woman. Then we had surrogate mothers becoming a reality.  Even the birth of Sage Vyasa himself was also unbelievable till we came to know about Extrauterine conception which was called “Sadyo-Garbha” and thus the great Sage Vyasa was born without physical union of parents.

Science and the ancient thought have a huge phase delay. But what is in the ancient scriptures science is keeping pace with it that is the only satisfaction. There is lot more for the science to go after and it can be done when the ancient concepts are not looked from the religious point of view and not analysed with Abraminical mind-set.

May Maa Gowri provide us more range to tap the signals from the bandwidth of the eternal frequency to do the best for the mankind.  

Happy Gowri Ganesh to all my friends and their families.  

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