Sunday, September 25, 2016

876. The Black Dot on the White Sheet of paper.......!!!

The media advisor of Karnataka Chief Minister, Dinesh Amin Mattu sometime ago said that Indians join the Army to earn a living and not to serve motherland. Poverty could be a reason for a very small section of the whole contingent that is there to safeguard my country. I did not understand why that “intellectual” personality who felt so did not look at the majority while speaking on the subject. Was the black dot on the white sheet of paper more prominent for that gentleman to talk about it?

This syndrome of focusing on the lesser percentage is become a passion and fashion nowadays. The other day there was an advertisement of a toilet cleaner where the creative head compared the brand with the other. He showed a slide depicting lesser germs in the toilet when compared to while using the other brand. One of my friend commented so there is germs when we use this brand also. I am not talking about the claims done by the advertisement, but the mindset of making the negligible huge. 

We have many antidote and parables which reminds us to learn to appreciate the white part of the sheet instead of going gaga over the small black dot. If we have this attitude to recognize the major good and stop cribbing over the insignificant small then life will be wonderful.

Have said that I should not have the thought that the insignificant small trait will be overseen by others. My purpose would be to see that the black dot in my white sheet is annihilated. I know those who are with me do look and appreciate at the best in me, but it is my responsibility to transform that which is not best to better if not make it the best.

The black dot on the white sheet is not unnatural so I have to not take it to my head when I am dealing with others. At the same time I should not expect others too oversee the black dot on the white sheet of life……what say???

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