Sunday, September 11, 2016

870. Thinking free and acting free....!

After spending 12 years in forest and one year in incognito for losing the game of dice, the Pandava Brothers wanted Hastinapura back from Kauravas. They requested Sri Krishna to be their ambassador. Sri Krishna who took the responsibility decided to go to the house of Vidura. Why did He choose Viduras place? Sri Krishna had been there as a mediator and so it was against Dharma for Him to accept the hospitality from Prince Duryodhana. By not willing to accept the hospitality was Sri Krishna prejudice?

An individual who has  free thinking is not bound by anyone or any situation hence can follow Dharma by not being prejudice. Real intellectualism is free from all prejudice. Free thinking people can never be purchased by anyone. How much ever intellectual power one may possess, most of them make analysis based on some influence other than intellect. Such individuals do not have the Dharma to be honest in themselves. Hence the so called intellectual rigor in them comes only when they are comfortable to criticize. Amazingly they do not dwell or have the guts to speak  when the realities go against their own so called intellectual observations. This was what happened to Karna. He knew what Duryodhana, his friend was doing was against Dharma but his throat was choke due to obligation. He was bound by Duryodhana who had made him the King of Anga Desha. He could hear his inner voice but could not follow it. One who is free from being bound can make deep self observation. Dharma calls for deep self observation in order to hear the inner voice and then to follow it. The inner voice is of the “indwelling one and only Atma” which is the sole witness. To know this one has to do Sadhana. Intelligence without proper sadhana can easily be purchased. If we see the intellectual club of the world, they are  either exclusive religionists or they are bought.

Rishis in ancient times could not be purchased that is why they could think free and act free too. One such personality we find in Mahabharata was Rishi Daumya. He was appointed as the priest for Pandavas when they were at Ekachakrapura. He was so free thinking person he continued to be their priest when they were the Kings of Indraprastha as well as when they lost everything and went along with them to forest. He did not deter to stay on with the penniless Pandavas. Rishi Daumya gave advise to the Pandavas without expecting anything in return from the Pandavas. Duryodhana tried to use him against his cousins, but could not purchase him.

To think free and to act free without getting influenced or being purchased is a rare phenomena. It is possible when one is truly on the path of Dharma and does rigorous self analysis for his motives and purpose. A purpose that is beyond himself his community and his religion…… what say???

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