Wednesday, September 7, 2016

867. He is the best HR.....!

Sometime back I was watching this series “The Most Extreme” in the Animal Planet channel. That was an amazing program which presents a countdown of how animals rank in terms of specific categories like their speed, strength, skill, behaviour and so on. In one of the episodes that focused on hunting skills an eagle like bird called Brahminy Kite that has white head and chest with red wings clocked first in the category. These birds were described in the programme as to have an excellent vision and hence they had the ability to see the prey from distance. With a swift swoop it can pick the moving fish from the water with amazing accuracy in trajectory and velocity. The visuals were astounding and I was flabbergasted to see the birds action in slow motion. And in another episode on holding on to the prey, it was the Indian rock python which was the number one. Unlike the Brahminy Kite these reptile species have no great eye sight nor tbey are quick when it comes to hunting prey. They gauge the presence of their prey on heat decipated and move slowly towards them. Once the prey is caught they constrict them and devour them whole. These two creatures pulled my attention not just because they were number one in their category but I liked them for their approach to hunt the prey. They made me think that there is no yardstick and everyone has their own style of doing things.

Now, both these creatures hunt for survival with the skills embedded in their instinct and both do it right. We humans too adopt these qualities to do our work if not for hunting. If we observe there are two kinds of employees; one lot has this reptilian approach and the other have the avian approach to do work. Those who have the reptilian approach are very attentive to the work in progress. They execute it properly without ruminating much about the impact of it over the successive line of tasks. In a way they perform and provide the service to what has been asked from them for the present time. The avian approach workforce always has a vision while accomplishing an assignment. Often, they ask themselves as to why they are doing it and what could be the impact of their action on the outcome; whether the method of work which they are employing now right or does it need to change? They ponder and plan to confront the future changes.

A successful employer keeps both kinds of employees in his organisation to run it for a long period of time. The reptilian approach employees help the organization to sustain the present holding on tight with the grip of a python while the avian approach employees take the organization to future with the vision of their hawk eye.

The most noteworthy example of such an employer is Sriman Narayana, He has Garuda as well as Adishesha in His roll book. Garuda and Adishesha serve Him as Nitya Suri (Eternal Servants) and amusingly they both are natural enemy to each-other. Sriman Narayana in His slumber reclines on Adishesha and whenever He is on the move, He is on Garuda…..Perfect HR He is….. What say???  

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