Thursday, September 8, 2016

868. Authentic Post....!

I can convey my thoughts to a person who is thousands of miles far away from where I am. I need to thank the social media sites especially Facebook to have given me this unique opportunity to post my thoughts. I write mostly on Spirituality and sometimes on current affairs too. I get to improve my thought process by the views and comments the post receives from my friends. Anyone can post anything and it can reach anyone in no time. Though I post what I write sometime I do share any interesting article that drops into my timeline.

 I can share anything it is purely my prerogative but before I share I need to verify the authenticity of the post. I have come up against this question many times, how much correct it is for me to share a post which I do not know anything about? The post could be showcasing a true story or could be sugar coated lie. Therefore I m intimidated sometime to share though the post is excellent in conveying a great thought.

Off late there are many videos of awful road accidents that are posted. Also we get to see the mutilated bodies of civilians in our neighboring countries killed by military or militants it is heartbreaking to see them yet some find joy in sharing them. I do not understand why one has to post the photos of victims to deepen the intensity of the news. Understandably we are becoming more addicted to such sensational news, and hence the more we see the more we are tempted to share. Even more ironical is when some post a pic of Gods and Saints and add a tagline "Share within 5 seconds" or type "Amen" if the chain is broken disaster awaits. It is so stupid to even think God and Saint could be so cruel.

The posts could sometimes be exciting and it could also be controversial. A few find it extremely hard to verify those controversial post as they feel they have to be the first to share before anyone tag them, automatically they hit the share button.

It is good to share a pleasant write up but I personally feel that some are not worthy enough to share. There are few who post against a particular religion and a few try character assassination. Hate posts are shared in a jiffy, it has numerous visitors and thousand of “likes” while those which talk of progress and development which aid to excel have a few readers. I believe a good writer should not gauge his write up by the number of visitors or the number of shares. The write up has to speak about the author and the authenticity he has over the subject be has picked to write the post.

There is no point in posting or sharing a controversial subject without knowing whether it is true or a cooked up story. If I cannot authenticate the post I should restraint from spreading half truth. As it is it is very difficult to write on a subject with 100% authenticity because the perception on the subject varies from person to person. I can only place my dimension which can be accepted or rejected depending on how the reader takes it.

I have to share a post that will surge me and those who read it at least an inch forward. Those post how much ever it could be exciting it has no value if it is pulling me and my readers behind…what say???

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