Friday, April 7, 2017

1000. Observe the Inner to get the Outer revealed!!!!

Sir James Hopwood Jeans (1877), the British physicist, astronomer and mathematician searching for the origin of the universe finally said, “Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.” But earlier to him, Sir Isaac Newton (1643) felt that an observer had no role to play, the universe functioned like a machine run by a mechanically designed forces. 

Later on for Albert Einstein (1879) the observer sneaked in the theory of relativity, but the space and time appearing differently to different observer’s frame of references reducing the origin of the universe to physical variables like space-time, gravity, and energy. Erwin Schrodinger, the contemporary of Einstein tried to explain that no possibility manifests without an observer to make an observation by his famous “Thought Experiment” using his cat.

The cat in the box dead or alive was to highlight state of possibility observed by the observer. With the thought experiment very convincing, the “Power of Thought” was referred to as the origin of the universe. Quotes like “You create your own reality” got strength. Now the question which arises is, “Is reality then observer dependent”??? If yes, then it means that the observer has the power to manifest his own reality.
Did the observer observe anything which did not exist before??? Is not reality we observe, the reality that is reflected back to us??? 

As an observer I observe an object in a certain way and it communicates a signal to the object. The object then sends a signal back to me, who am the observer. It is only after that I happen to see the object reflected depending on how I observed it. Hence the observation made by each observer is different while the reality of the object is the same. This is not quite like the “You create your own reality” concept. We are not creating reality, we are simply observing it.

If I am to create my own reality, then if I were to think positive, only positive things should have happen to me in the world. Instead, whether I think positive or otherwise, the things which are going to happen will happen and are out of my control. Hence even being a positive thinking person will not avoid any unfortunate event to happen if any.

Our ancient thinkers expected us to be positive always not in the view that the reality would change positive for us. To be positive in our perception can alter our approach towards the perspective. If I have this positive way of looking at things, then any suggestions I get will not appear to me as a personal failure instead it will provide me to look at it as opportunity to better myself.

How I approach the world is based on my conditional reality. My external assumptions, beliefs and attitudes are what determines the way in which I access the world and thereby how the world will appear to me. This is where I take my lead to start a completely new kind of physics, because experimental physics has its limitations. New physics must now begin from the observer himself and systematically explore his inner world for the outer world to be revealed. This is what I call cultivating the Witness Consciousness (Sakshi bhava).

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