Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1004. Education Wealth and Health....!

Vidhya (Education), Sampat (Wealth), and Swasthya (Health) are the three important essentials which we yearn for, but the worth of each of them depends on the way it is used.

First let us take education:  “Vidhya Dadati Vinayam” says a Shubhashitam. The meaning is education gives (brings) humility. Getting educated will be a wasteful process unless the knowledge obtained from it is transformed in to wisdom. That wisdom will be expressed through the character. Though education is not the metaphor for an exemplary character, it does polish the mind. Education is not achieved by sitting in a classroom. It is acquisition of knowledge by any means to broaden the vision and gain the ability to comprehend things around in a better way.

Education should never be a source to earn wealth alone. Sage Vashishta tells Shri Rama that money is the most essential thing for “Dhana moolam idam Jagat” (Money is the basis of this universe). Money sufficient to be happy and lead a simple life is what is required. Money can buy anything and everything, it can buy us the entire range of apparatus to make us happy, but it cannot procure happiness for us.

To amass wealth is also a Yoga (Fortune) and it should never be disdained. Money if earned in excess can be useful for generous activities associated with health care and edification. Money earned can be for good or evil depending on how the individual is using it.

With the good education and adequate wealth, what if there is no good health???  

“Swasthyam Paramam Bhagyam” (Health is the highest fortune). Sanskrit word for health is “Swasthya.” It is not just a word but it has an insightful meaning. The word Swasthya is made of two root words “Swa” (Self) and “Stha” (occupied with). So Swasthya can be roughly translated as “Occupied with one’s own Self”.

It is my health which allows me to use my thus accumulated knowledge and wealth. Without the health neither my education nor my wealth seems to be appeal me. If I have to be strong to withstand the ups and downs of life, it is the health which needs to be supporting my body. With an uncertain health one has everything but yet nothing. Health is not achieved by regular workout in the gym or a disciplined walk in the park, though they may aid for better living. Health is never got by following a strict diet and going cautious on hygiene.

How then is good health achieved???  
Health is not just a well maintained body. When I believe in Karma Siddantha (Doctrine of Karma) then I accept that “Poorva janma kritam paapam vyaadhi roopena baadathe” (Fruits of the vicious deeds from past life manifest as disease to cause pain). The moment this body came out of the womb it has brought the chronic illness along with it in its DNA. Good health does not mean not affected by illness. Good health is to realize this and have the strength to overcome it. That poorva janma kritam paapam needs a body and it can manifest only in the body, mind can stay away from it.

Ramana Maharshi had cancer there was no way escaping from it. Many were puzzled looking at Ramana Maharshi because the whole body was in pain but there was no sign of pain in his eyes. Doctors would ask, “You must be in great pain?” Ramana would reply, “Yes there is great pain, but it is not happening to me. I am aware that there is great pain happening to the body; I know that there is great pain happening. I am seeing it, but it is not happening to me.” 

Tha t was what Ramana Maharshi told about Manonasha”..............What say???

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