Sunday, April 2, 2017

996. Sri Krishna, the Eternal Flirt.....!

Showing interest on someone without any depth of feeling, is the definition of a Flirt. In general one who loves to flirt is considered untrustworthy or even a cheat. One of the component of Flirt is eve teasing. Does Sri Krishna fit into the character of a flirt who is a eve teaser? How can Sri Krishna who is adored by the Gopikas of Brindavana be branded as a legendary eve teaser?

Those who are familiar with the “Balaleela” of Gopala Krishna will never feel His ways of relating with the women flock was ever questionable. It does hurt when those who do not even have an iota of His leela talk about His character. Amazingly that character was not defamed now it was defamed long back when the King of Chedi, Shishupala accused Him in the Sabha. As promised to His aunt and mother of Shishupala, Sri Krishna counted 100 abuses from Shishupala and then used His Sudharshana to eliminate him.

I fail to understand why a few jump into conclusion looking at the acts of Sri Krishna and decide something unusual about Him. Agreed that Sri Krishna is not easy to understand as His other incarnation Shri Rama. Sri Krishna is most misunderstood personality. Shri Rama is described by Sage Valmiki as Maryada  Purushottama and to the justification of that word Shri Rama behaves so in the entire Ramayana. So, it is obvious that Shri Rama is never doubted in regard to His character.

Sri Krishna is unpredictable when viewed superficially, one can never find consistence. This inconsistency is not in the character of Sri Krishna but because of two aspects in which we perceive Him. First of all we generally tend to imagine Sri Krishna from our moral aspect pertaining to our period and causations. Secondly Sri Krishna lived a life of affirmativeness. This rare feature in Him has made Him unique. He accepted life as it came. When He was a kid, he was a loveable child like none other. He lived fully like a child. When He grew up as an adult He lived like an adult. He is never choose a serious life. In fact He did not choosing life, He lived it to the fullest.

When a few start saying that Sri Krishna loved to flirt with gopis, it reflects more about them than about Sri Krishna. He is a personality worth to emulate. He offered an unlimited saree to one who cut her saree end to stop His finger from bleeding.  

Sri Krishna is one who is well versed in Shodasha kala (16 arts) and is the only persona who could manage his eight spouses having different mentality. This was possible because He could have the three gunas the Sattva, Rajas & Tamo in balance. 

Sri Krishna could be mysterious but I would not say that he was a flirt who was eve teasing......even if He was eve teasing I believe there would have been a endless queue of Gopikas to get teased......same in this period of time too.

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