Thursday, April 20, 2017

1005. Turn Around Time (TAT) of Sri Hari.....!

Turn Around Time (TAT) in the computing world it is the total time taken between the submission of a program for execution and the return of the complete output to the user. This TAT is sum total of waiting time and execution time. Not only in the computing sector, even in the workflow chart of laboratories there is mention of this TAT. It is the time interval between electrocardiogram screening and placement of the printout in the patient chart. So in every sector there is a time interval between the submission and execution which is considered and reported. 

In Srimad Bhagavatam we have in the Astama Skanda (8th canto)  the TAT of Sri Hari explained. Near the mountain called Trikoota were several enchanting lakes belonging to Varuna, the God of Oceans. Once it so happened that a huge herd of elephants which inhabited the forest nearby came to one of the lakes to quench the thirst. The herd was led by Gajendra. As soon as Gajendra went into the lake his feet was gripped by a hungry Crocodile. The crocodiles have a mighty grip and enormous strength when in the water, it tried to drag the elephant into the deep water. The fellow elephants made a chain and try to pull him out. The long fierce tug-of-war lasted for a very very long period of time finally the elephants were exhausted and their spirit faded.

When the efforts of the herd went in vain and the death started staring at the eyes of the elephant king, his thoughts turn to Sri Hari, the sole savoir. The elephant king looked around the lake and found a fully blossomed lotus. He picked it up with his trunk and cried for the “Adi Moola” to rescue him.

Meanwhile Sri Hari was busy playing the game of dice with His consort Maha Lakshmi in Paramapada. He distantly heard the cries of His devotee from the lake. As soon as the submission was made by Gajendra, He had to rush. The TAT is very well described by the great Poet Sri Potana in his Potana Bhagavatham thus:  

Sri Hari in His eagerness to save the life of Gajendra, has no time to tell Sri, His beloved wife. He does not like to waste time to take His attributes Shanka (Conch) and Chakra (Discus). He does not call any of His Nitya Sooris (Eternal Servants - Ananta, Garuda or Vishwaksena ). While rushing out He even forgets to let go the edge of the Saree of Maha Lakshmi which He was romantically holding while playing the game of dice with her.

As Sri Hari dashed out of Paramapada, Maha Lashmi was inevitably pulled by the Saree He was holding. She had to free herself from the galloping Sri Hari.   Garuda seeing His master scamper off, flew to keep pace with Him. Shanka and Chakra also followed. And in no time Sri Hari was at the lake. He released the Chakra at the crocodile and saved Gajendra. In this TAT the wasting time though was the period when the tug-of-war was happening between the herd of elephants and the crocodile.

There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) as He is given us an open call sheet, any time and any place. We have a history of Him appearing from a pillar once to protect His little devotee. And in one cases He did not appear in person too, but loads and loads of Saree just unfurled at His behest to protect the modesty of His devotee who gave out a distress call to Him.

Just one call to Him is enough.....Do you agree???    

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