Monday, April 3, 2017

997. Strength is in Numbers.....!

“Kalau Sanghe Shakti” In Kali Yuga, Strength is in Numbers. 

This is a Sanskrit saying which means that it is difficult to struggle alone in this era. 

Now what is this struggle for??? 

Struggle can be for anything, it can be for a “Mandir” to be built or for demanding “Aazadi.” Struggle is not to be perceived always as something which is done with violence. Even the event to get back the freedom of my country from British was termed Freedom Struggle. When I need to clean I cannot do it with a single bristle of the broom, can I??? I need to have the collective lot of bristles of the broom together so that cleaning is possible. Though it is very easy to gather and form a Sangha when the issue is divisive or to destroy, it is very difficult to get in people if it is to unify or to build.

Why is it hard to bring people together for any constructive intent???

It is very simple, it is either because of lack of Shastra Jnana (Scriptural Knowledge) on Dharma (Righteousness) or too much of self centeredness. In this era we find that society is not concerned about the social responsibility. Social responsibility is and should have been our priority. Unfortunately we are becoming more and more self-centered. Only if one is feeling the burn, will he shout about Dharma, if not he is a meek spectator. Hence it is easy for those anti-socials to bind together to fight for what they want, which is mostly against the welfare of the society.

It is amazing to see that we have organisations which are formed to fight for the “Aazadi” of a particular state with paid protesters while for the development of a state none march forward. Development does not only mean to upgrade the infrastructure but also to reinstall the identity of a place. Is it wise to build a space launch pad by uprooting the Eiffel Tower??? or demolish the Empire State Building to accommodate a world class Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences????  

Over the years in my country the efforts are made to build a Mandir which should have been completed by now. We Hindus belong to the real “Religion of Peace” hence the delay. It is absolutely alright for us to wait for the judicial voice to give us the permission. Also we are from those genes which want to establish anything with the consent not conflict. Above all there are some who are spiritually inclined and bring the logic of Jambavantha, who could see Shri Rama in Sri Krishna. We can visualise Ayodhya Dasarathi in Dwarakadhish. But having said that we cannot let go the identity of Ayodhya which was the janmabhoomi of Ramalala.

We Hindus who were, are and will be from the true “Religion of Peace” did not or may be could not get together to stop Mir Baqi in 1528 A.D from destroying the Pre-existing temple of Ramalala at Janmabhoomi to build a mosque at the behest of his emperor Babur. Now I do not see anything wrong in joining hands to reconstruct the temple there again. We have had enough of those liberals talking of pseudo secularism, our politicians stooping low to appease a particular section of people and a few media houses taking advantage of the rift to keep their T.R.P rating high. 

As it is said we need to get together and form a Sangha or support the Sangha which is already working for the cause. When we see stupid morons who should be studying in their universities forming groups and shouting for “Aazadi” with the support of a few presstitutes why can we not group together for the greater cause???...... We can isn’t???

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