Thursday, April 6, 2017

999. Saviour always.........!

A mother is cradling her infant by humming a lullaby. The cradle moves to and fro every time she pushes and pulls it. The too and fro movement is to induce sleep to the infant inside the cradle. The pushing and pulling of the cradle by the mother along with the mesmerizing lullaby works wonders on the infant and within few minutes the infant slips into sleep. The effort of the mother has to be applauded here.

My Sri Hari too has the same intent and hence He too pushes me away from Him and pulls me towards Him.This too and from movement is experienced by me when there are ups and downs in my life. Although for sure He cannot abandon me or anyone just like that. He is “Achyuta” because He being omnipresent there is no place to “shake me off”. In Sanskrit “Chyuta” is to abandon. Now if He wants to abandon me He has to have a place where He is not present. And there is no place in this entire universe where He is not present. So in that sense Sri Sri Shankara writes He is Achyuta because He was, is and will not be shaken from His own glory. His glory lies in being “Dayamaya” (Compassionate) and “Duritasamhara” (Killer of evil Traits).

Just as the mother was seen pushing and pulling the cradle to put the infant to sleep, my Sri Hari too pushes me and pulls me to keep me in Bliss. While He is pushing me away from Him, He is killing the evil traits which afflicted me due to my past life actions (Prarabdha). When He is pulling me towards Him He is compassionate enough to keep me in His comfort zone.

The hardship I face in the span of my life is when He is taking care of my difficult times. I need to endure it and remember to be unaffected by the outcome of those difficult times. I should also be aware that He is pushing me only to pull me back again. The joy I experience is when He is pulling me towards Him. The phase may or may not last for a long time, but the duration need not be wasted worrying about the span of the period.      

My Guru, D.V. Gundappa who is one among the well-known personalities from the literary field in Karnataka writes in his famous “Mankuthimanna Kagga” thus:  

Baduku Jatakaabandi Vidhi adara Saaheba
Kudureneen Avanu peldante Payanigaru 
Maduvego Masanako hogendakadegodu 
Padakusiye nelavihudu- Mankuthimma

Meaning: Life is a horse cart and fate is its driver.  You are the horse. He (the driver) decides the passengers. Marriage or funeral run whichever way you are asked to. If your legs fail, you have the ground to support you.

Now what is wonderful in this couplet is the last line, if your legs fail you have the support of the ground to hold on to you........ Achyuta.....He is the one who will never lets you off.....where can He let me off, if there is no place where He is supposed not to be present.....What Say??? 

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