Monday, April 10, 2017

1001. Sharing is a Religious Act.....!

Once Yudhisthira questioned Sri Krishna, “Is it possible for a seeker to attain heaven without performing any kind austerities?”

The reply to this question by Sri Krishna is very profound if it is understood to the core. He says thus:   

“Annadau Jaladaschaiva Aturascha Chikithsakah
Trvidham Svargam Ayati Vina Yajnena Bharatah”

“Oh, son of Bharata, those who share food grains, drinking water and medicine to the needy go to heaven without performing any kind of austerities.”

In Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, the thousand names of Maha Vishnu, the 32nd nama is “Bhaavanah” (He who gives everything to His devotees). When He is the giver of everything then the question that crops up is why Sri Krishna tells Dharmaraya that one has to share Anna (Food), Jala (Water) and Chikitsa (Medical Treatment) to the needy.

Here a slight insight is required to know what Sri Krishna said. Though in reality He is “Bhaavanah” the provider of everything to His devotees, there could be some who do not ask Him to provide. They could be atheists who do not believe that He exists or those who are sure that He will provide by any means and there is no need to ask Him (Staunch Believers and animals, birds, reptiles).

Sri Krishna in His answer very specifically states that one who shares food, water and medicine, this indicates that we are all been provided by Him, and we can only share. We sometimes foolishly think we are the providers or givers. In fact if we contemplate deep we will know that we have not brought anything at birth which we can think we can give??? I do not have anything which I can state is mine here??? Had I not come with empty hands and will I not live empty handed???  

He is the greatest provider and He provides according to what we deserve. Now let us not confuse with the word “Deserve.” I have seen many having this doubt when they see a person who is working very hard and not remunerated appropriately for his work and also when they find a useless fellow who does not work properly is rewarded, this is their biggest dismay. This is nothing but Karma at play with the difference between the Yoga (Fotune) and Yogyatha (Deservance); He is only a “Karma Phala Daata” (Dispenser of the resultant fruit). So our Bhagya (Fortune) is not connected to what we are doing now, as what we do now is accounted as Agami Karma (Portion of action in present life). Our Yogyatha (Deservance) which is more about what we are doing now at present can only denote our actions but not the fruit. If the Yogyatha and Yoga are in concord then no one is surprised, it is a bit weird only if there is a mismatch between both of them. In fact the mismatch is more often observed, hence for some Karma Siddhanta is obnoxious.        

Now this is why Sri Krishna has emphatically stated that those who share food, water and medicine will be bettering their Agami Karma and hence in turn will amass good Yog (Fortune) for the life after. After all Heaven is not somewhere else, it is to live in this earth plane in tranquility and peace. If not deserving in this life span let us create our future for the next. So there is a need to share what we have with those who are in need. Moreover by getting into the act of sharing, we are playing in His hands as the part of His scheme as “Karma Phala Daata”..... What say???

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