Thursday, March 30, 2017

995. Instinct, Intuition, Intellect.....

According to Rishi Gautama’s Nyaya Sutra those having similar type birth are classified in different Jaati (Samaana Prasavaatmika Jaatih). The Gautama Rishi states four type of birth and lists them as follows:

Udbija (one which sprouts from seed like plants)
Andaja (one which are born out of eggs like birds and reptiles)
Pindaja (one developed in womb like in animals and mammals)
Ushmaja (one which are produced due to temperature and atmospheric conditions like virus, bacteria etc).

Similar physical characteristics are the highlight of a particular Jaati which mostly does not change from one to another and is not usually crossbred also. Thus Jaati is creation of Providence. Humans can never be depicted as different Jaati because there is no difference in the way they take birth and even so that have an identical physical characteristics. Hence we can conclude that the whole of the human race is of the same Jaati called Manava Jaati.

“Matruvat Jati Pitruvat Guna” (Breed is motherly while qualities are fatherly) says scriptures. The natural instinct can be pointed out to the breed and it can be referred to as the intangible “sixth sense” which a mother provides to its offspring. The qualities which are based on the intuition come from father. It is that quality which allows us to tap into the subconscious mind, receive guidance and inspiration, and make high calibre decisions and choices.

Mind needs the three Upajja (Instinct), Mati (Intuition) and Buddhi (Intellect) to perform. While the instinct is got by mother and intuition by father, intellect is bestowed by Absolute. By instinct the mind decides unconsciously through the routine memory and impressions. While from intuition mind works by the conscious level but with calculations and caution. In intuition, one suddenly is aware of what is to be done and what is right. It is amazing that one doesn’t know how, but there is energy. It is like having minimum data, no precedence; many choices and suddenly one pops up it is spontaneous.
If can take the example of Ghatotkacha, born to Bhimasena and Hidambi. Hidambi was from a demon family hence the son born to her was physically huge and had a head which was bald hence his name, “Utkacha” is bald and “Ghata” is pot. He had a head which looked like a pot with no hair. He had the demonic instinct. Yet, he had observed and adopted the qualities of Bhimasena, his father. He was a devotee of Sri Krishna as his father. This was the intuition he got from his father and he took part in the war against Kauravas. He heeded the words of Sri Krishna and fell on the Kaurava side when Karna used the Vajrayudha on him, which he had save for Arjuna. His enormous weight crushed many of the Kaurava warriors as he fell on them. The words of Sri Krishna which was the intellect gave him the name and fame even after his death. 

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