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991. First let’s make place for Shri Rama within.....!

Shri Rama was the son of Dasharatha and Kousalya. Dasharatha is the one who is capable of maneuvering the ten chariots in the body namely five sense organs and five organs of action perfectly. Kousalya is the skill that handles the rider of the ten chariots. The place where Shri Rama was born is “Ayodhya” the place without war. The place without war is peaceful.

The events that occurred are not just a long drama written by Sage Valmiki, but it has a philosophical and spiritual truth in it. 

Ramayana is happening in my body, in our body and in everyone’s body irrespective of who he is and where he is from. Shri Rama is the representation of the Atma (Consciousness), Sitamatha is the Jivatma (Individual Consciousness), Hanuma is the Prana (Vital Breath) while Ravana is the Ahamkara (Ego).

Maha Vishnu who is Absolute Consciousness appears as an Amsha (Part) as Shri Rama. This Consciousness has four Avastha (State) Jagratha Avastha (Awake State) is Lakshmana, Swapna Avastha (Dream State) is Bharata, Sushupti Avastha (Dreamless Deep Sleep State) is Shatrughna and Turiya Avastha (Transcendal State) is Shri Rama Himself.

Guru Vishwamitra (Our Master) takes Shri Rama and Laskshmana (Transcendental and Awake State) to the forest on the pretext of guarding the Yagna (Well-being of Society). There Tataka (Negative Thoughts) is annulled and the flip flop of mind is stopped by breaking the Shiva Dhanush (Bow of Shiva) with this there is yoga of union with Maya Shakti that is Sitamatha.

Parashurama (Purva Samskara) is controlled by wielding the Vishnu Chapa (Bow of Vishnu) which is the present. Purpose of Life is Pitru Vakya Paripalana (Honouring the words of his father). Going to Dhandakarnya (Forest) is like being in the state of solitude. Cutting off the nose of Shurpanaka is the Indriya Nigraha (Control of Senses). Khara, Dushana and Thrishira killing is Kama, Khroda, Lobha (Desire, Anger, Greed) Nasha.   

Sitamatha harana (Abduction of Sitadevi) is our Jignasattva (Desirous of Knowing) being carried away by Vishayavasana (Interest in Materialism) who is Ravana. Mareecha killing is Moha (Attachment) Nasha. Hanumantha Pravesha is the Bhakti Yoga (Path of Devotion) which is to get back the Jignasattva.  
First thing to happen in the advent of Bhakti is Ajnana Nasha (Vali Samhara) and Vibheeshana Agamana (Vibheeshana joining Shri Rama Camp) is Sat Sangha in the happening. 

Samudra Langana (Jumping the Ocean) is the test of endurance, Sethu Bandhana (Building of Bridge) is test of our ability. Sitadevi Anveshana (Search for Sitadevi) is exploring in the Scriptures (Shastra Adhyayana). Lanka Dahana (Burning of Lanka) is destroying the Ashastra Pustaka (Bad Literature).  

Vanquishing of Kumbhakarna and Indrajit depicts the Mada, Matsarya (Arrogance, Envy) Nasha. With the loss of Khara, Dushana, Thrishira, Mareecha, Kumbhakarna and Mahiravana, (Kama, Khroda, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Matsarya)  Ravana, the embodiment of Ego is killed. 

Then with the reunion of Sitamatha and Shri Ramachandra there is Pattabhisheka which is Svatmanandanubhava (Ecstasy).

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