Friday, March 3, 2017

974. Life as I understand.......!

For the past so many years life has thrown many surprises at me. Some have elevated me while a few have pulled me down too. I have experienced the uncertainty in life. I know that nothing is permanent in life but nothing is certain either. The sooner it is understood the easier it becomes to move on in life.

I can sow a seed and offer it all the nutrition and right conditions and yet no one can assure me whether it will ever sprout. At the same time a seed discarded after consuming a fruit which may have fell on a rocky surface can turn out to be a huge tree. Either way there is no certainty. No matter what decision I make, which path I take, I will not be greeted by certainty but by doubt, challenges and self-doubt, so keep walking is the mantra.

If I really want to live my life and make the most of it, I need to be assured that life is contradictory. Superficially, I see good people suffering, if I think that those undergoing suffering are due to their own karma, there are times when we step into karmic field of other people that affects us too. It is like being forced to inhale the fragrance of the perfume that the person next to you is wearing. The karmic orbit is something like that. Now I cannot say that the law of karma is to violate the first point which I made about uncertainty. Nothing is certain (including this statement) but sometimes a few things happen without offering any explanations. Hence I have understood that contradictory truths and paradoxes co-exist like darkness and light coming together in twilight.

Whatever be my belief and however sure I am of it, I will find enough evidence that will negate it.
The only thing I can do is lead a truthful and meaningful life to the best of my ability. And I will be doing this for myself, for my own peace of mind. Life is a good master but a bad merchant. It really does not care about being fair or sticking on to standards. At any point in time life will display plenty of contradictions. I need to accept it and move on.

Though life has uncertainty and contradictions mostly it is filled with blessings. There are only two ways to lead my life: I take it as it is a blessing or it is not. Either way, the most important thing for me to remember is that no one is got better by complaining about life. Life has no ears for complaints. Life has no CNTRL + Z.  Whatever is my past, wherever I am now, and however could or should my life would be, the truth is I am here, now. This is it and this is Hope.

By hope, I did not mean that all my dreams will come true, I have already mentioned that life is uncertain and contradictory. I simply mean that it only takes a spark to ignite a wildfire. That spark can come from anywhere. While life may disappoint me by not turning out the way I once envisaged, it will still end up somewhere beautiful if I am open to possibilities.....Hope and get going.

Now how many of you agree with what I have understood about LIFE.....!

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