Monday, March 27, 2017

992. New Year.....!

At the time of Sankalpa (Volition) we need to mention the name of the year. Just as we find the mention of numerical numbers denoting the year in the Gregorian calendar, name of the Samvatsara in the Lunar and Solar Hindu calendar is notable. These names of the years keep changing in a 60 year cycle. Also if January first is the “New Year Day” for those who follow the Gregorian calendar, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada marks the beginning of a Hindu new year. This day is called Yuga Adhi (Start of Year) which is Yugadi.

One Samvatsara (Year) is a measurement of Time which is subdivided as Uttaraayana (beginning of Winter Solstice) and Dakshinaayana (beginning of Summer Solstice). Further we have Sad Ritus (Six Seasons) comprising of Vasantha Ritu (Spring), Grishma Ritu (Summer), Varsha Ritu (Rainy), Sharad Ritu (Autumn), Hemanta Ritu (Winter). Shishira Ritu (Dewy) spread over Dwadasa Masa (Twelve Months) namely Chaitra, Vaisakha, Jyeshta, Ashadha, Shravana, Bhadrapadha, Aswayuja, Kartika, Margasira, Pushya, Magha and Phalguna. Each month has Dvi-Paksha (Two Fortnights) Shukla (From New moon to Full moon) and Krishna (From Full moon to New moon), and Sapta Vaasara (Seven Days) Bhanu, Soma, Mangala, Budha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani.

Now why is it that 60 years is considered to be one completion of one cycle???

The calculation is done based on the movement of Brihaspati (Jupiter) and Shani (Saturn). When Srustikartha Brahma started this universe the Sun and all other planets were in the Rashi (Zodiac) which was Mesha (Aries) and Moon was in the first Nakshatra (Celestial Star) Ashwini first phase in the Mesha Rashi. The movement of the planets and moon is not the same; each planet takes its own time to return back to the Mesha Rashi from where they started. While the calculation of the year is done it is either Chandramana (Transit of Moon) or Souramana (Transit of Sun) from one Nakshatra and Rashi respectively but while calculating the 60 years the Brihaspatyamana (Transit of Jupiter) is considered.   
If we observe the slowest moving planets, Brihaspati (Jupiter) & Shani (Saturn), Jupiter takes 12 Earth years to return back to Mesha Rashi while Saturn takes 30 Earth years. So for the two to get back to Mesha Rashi together it will be 60 years, that is Jupiter would have done 5 laps by the time Saturn returns back to Mesha, the starting point.

Starting from 29-03-2017 (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada) to 17-03-2018 (Chaitra Amavasya) is Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara. 

The complete cycle of 60 years by an Individual is refered to as "Shasti Poorthi" that is when the name of the year a person is born in will recur. If the individual is in the process of unlearning he regains the innocence he had 60 years back and will be childlike. He enjoys the rest of his life the same way as he did in his infancy days. Loved by all and loving all. Isn't it wonderful to get back those "Beete Hue Din"???

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