Tuesday, March 28, 2017

993. Chaitra Maasa.....!

“Rtunam Kusumakarah” (Among seasons I am spring the bearer of flowers) says Krishna to Arjuna while elaborating His Transcendental opulence. In this season of spring is Chaitra Maasa which is the month Chaturmukha Brahma commenced the creation. This day is also called Yugada Adhi (Start of the Year).      

Yuga also points out to the Aeon which means that it was on the Yugadi day Sri Krishna left for Paramapada after bringing an end to His avatara (manifestation) as the Dwarakadeesha, Pandavapakshapati, Gopijana Vallabha. This also marked the end of Dwapara and start of Kali yuga.

The other unique features of this Chaithra maasam are the appearance of Maha Vishnu as a huge fish to restore the Vedas which were stone by Asura Hayagriva. Matsya Avatara also saved Manu Satyavrata, the first human and Saptarishis. The Lord in Matsya Avatara advised Manu to collect the seeds of all the plant variety and all the species of animals, reptiles and birds and get into the huge boat to save them from the deluge. The appearance of the Matsya was in Satya Yuga and in this current Samvatsara (Year) it falls on Chaitra Sukla Triteeya (30-03-2017). 

In Treta Yuga Maha Vishnu appeared as Maryaada Purushottama Shri Rama on the ninth day of Chaitra maasa which is celebrated as Shri Rama Navami which is on (05-03-2017) this year. As prescribed by the scriptures to donate water (Prapadaana) since these are the hottest days of the year. This whole month we have the devotees of Shri Rama distributing Paanaka (Jaggery Lime squash) alone the street sides.

Also in this month Surya enters Mesha Rashi which is called Meshasankramana. This event is celebrated as Vishu, the harvest festival (14-03-2017). The next day will be Chaitra Pournima which commemorates the birth of Shri Rama Bhaktha Hanuman. It also marks the most religious event that happens here in Bengaluru, the famous “Bengaluru Hoovina Karaga.” It is one of the oldest festivals to happen in the heart of the city. 

Bengaluru Hoovina Karaga is primarily a well-known tradition observed by Thigala community who were created by Draupadi Devi during Mahaprastana. The legend says that while Pandavas were climbing the Himalaya Draupadi was left behind and a Asura disturbed her. She created an army of “Veerakumars” who destroyed the Asura.   

Chaitra maasa is filled with festivities....

Yugadi wishes to all my readers their family and friends...... 

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