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976. Vairagya, the Dispassion.....!

For the spiritual advancement the seeker has to develop Vairagya (Dispassion) says many scriptures. In the broader sense a Vairagi is the one who is disinterested in the mundane world and at the same time is a Jignasu (Desirous of Knowledge). Spiritually speaking it is a feeling to overcoming the illusions mundane world lures and temptations with its fleeting presence like appearing only to disappear which is Maya, the illusion. 
A confused Arjuna questions Sri Krishna thus, when the Lord advised him to control the mind so that the effect of Maya is subdued:
“Control of mind as you advise appears as impossible as trapping the wind in the fist.” 
“No doubt, it is difficult but is possible through Abhyasa (Practice) and Vairagya (Dispassion),” clarifies Sri Krishna.

Now what is this Vairagya Sri Krishna has mentioned. Let us get into the details of it.

When I was in kindergarten I had a lesson “The Fox and the Grapes” Once, a fox was very hungry he searched for food. At last he saw a bunch of grapes in a grapevine. He started drooling and wanted to eat the grapes. To get them he jumped and jumped, but in vain. He could not reach the grapes. Finally the fox went away saying, “Those grapes are sour.” Failing to achieve, some get disinterested. This is called ABHAVA VAIRAGYA (Disinterest due to Non-availability). But the sub-conscious mind is still hankering and waiting for the availability.  

When attending a funeral many think “Look, what has happened? I too shall be brought here someday to be cremated. Why then do I hanker after these wantons? Let me give up…all these attachment…I came alone and shall go alone….!” This is SMASHANA VAIRAGYA (Disinterest due to Loss of dear ones). Stepping out of the burial ground it is same as before, the mundane world grips again.

Looking at the wife reeling under labour pain the husband is disinterested in life. “Why to undergo such pain to bring in another life?” This is PRASOOTI VAIRAGYA (disinterest due to labour pain). The consecutive year the lady love is ready to deliver the second baby.

Problem of Plenty sometimes induces disinterest. This disinterest is superficial as the hankering reappears when the abundance of what is become scarce. This is UDHAARA VAIRAGYA. The moment the scarcity is experienced, the distress of desire comes back again.
While listening to a learned person talk about Life and if the subject in the discourse reflects Reality there is chance of developing this disinterest. This is PURANA VAIRAGYA. This is also temporary it last till the Pravachanakara ends it with “Sri Krishnarpanamastu.” 
Now we need to ask ourselves does this Vairagya help us in anyway??? 
We have this notion that indulging in materialism is hindrance to spirituality. No, it is not true.  Possession of material is not an issue but becoming possessive of it is. We are bestowed with all these things around us by Him to experience and enjoy them. There is no point in shunning them and running away from them, though over indulgence is not advisable.
Instead of Vairagya if we can develop Virakti it is sensible. Now what is this Virakti???
The wise and experienced seekers say, “Paramatmani yo Rakta: Virakta Aparamatmani.” (If one has yearning for Paramatma, the desire for other than Paramatma will automatically disappear)

Virakti is got when there is desire for higher goal. Sri Sri Shankara insisted on Jnana, it was bettered by Srimad Ramanuja by adding Bhakti to it; finally it was complete with the addition of Virakti by Sriman Madhva.

JNANA, BHAKTI & VIRAKTI.....The Tripod for Emancipation....!

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