Friday, March 10, 2017

978. Universe created by Sound Waves from Crystal....!

Yesterday one of my friends on Face Book Vineetha Pillai ji shared amazing information told by Maha Periyavaa (Kanchi Paramacharya Sri Chandrashekara Sarswathi) about the recording of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama. While Pithamaha Bhishma was rendering the 1000 names of the Lord all including Sri Krishna were listening none of them noted down. Yudhisthira felt that someone should have noted down, he requested Sri Krishna to help. 

Krishna replied, “Sahadeva is wearing “Suddha Spatika” (Clear Crystal) which can be converted to sound waves by the grace of Maharudradeva and Vyasadeva can record it.” 

Thus we are now able to hear the Vishnu Sahasranama. 

Is it true that Crystal can record sound??? 

Let us find out.... 

The quartz crystal has the highest vibration level and can take one form of energy and convert it into another higher form. Spatika (Crystal) can convert sound waves into light form. The earth plane we are living is primarily made of quartz. 

Scientists have conducted researches to find out that sound creates light. This phenomenon happens through harmonics and is called Second Harmonic generation using crystal. Light is created through harmonics. The scientist who are probing on crystal say that if we are sitting in a cave of clear quartz crystal an irrefutable and audible OM sound is heard, meaning, quartz crystal emit harmonics. 

Where was the sound from??? 

Is it recorded by the crystal???

If the movement of air could be the cause for the sound as some suggest, why is it not possible in medium other than crystal??? 

We Hindus believe that the creation started with that OM sound and this earth plane is primarily filled with quartz crystal. Now is there any connection??? OM sound waves met with existing chemical properties of quartz crystal in the waters and were converted into light, thus proving sound precedes light and that light is produced by sound. With light so generated, the entire universe came into existence.

Now coming back to the recording of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama by Sahadeva, with the help of Maharudradeva and Vyasadeva, my understanding is that it could have been done by using highly tuned electromagnetic waves to excite the crystal so that audible sound waves are emitted. The responsibility of producing that highly tuned electromagnetic waves was on Maharudradeva and when the recorded sloka resonated from the Suddha Spatika which Sahadeva was wearing, Vyasadeva noted them.

I had to check all these details from Google but an Aparoksha Jnani like Maha Periyavaa had it in his mind to answer in a jiffy. 

We are such idiots to rubbish it while the scholars from the other shores learning from our scriptures do research on Crystals to find if they can benefit mankind. One such benefit is using the crystal and its sounds as healing for both humans and animals.

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