Thursday, March 23, 2017

990. The Presence in the Absence......!

A few days back I had posted about a woman who while cutting grass in her field came to know that her brother was elected for the post of the Chief Minister of the state. Reference was to the newly elected Yogi Adityanath sister. The question in the post was if there was anyone who being a 5 times M.P had a sister toiling in the field to make a living. One of my friends on the lighter vein referred to our Ex-PM brothers who are even now toiling in the fields in Hardanahalli, Hassan.       

Though the end result was the same, there was the play of “Anvaya” and “Vyatireka”. Anvaya was that the post was appreciating the gesture of that 5 times MP for not misusing his tenure. While the Vyatireka was the Ex-PM was did not care for his blood relations.

In Vedanta too we find this; Anvaya is concordance while Vyatireka is discordance. For an example, the beads strung to form a necklace is used to explain these two words. The fact that without the string which holds together the beads, there is no necklace of beads is Anvaya. The fact that, however, the string is separate from the beads is Vyatireka. 

The all-pervasiveness of the Absolute is Anvaya. The distinctness of the Absolute is the Vyatireka. Anvaya is the presence of one thing along with the particular another, Vyatireka is its absence when that other is absent. It is synthesis and analysis (positive and negative method).

This Anvaya Vyatireka is the reason for misapprehension and a cause for skepticism. This Anvaya and Vyatireka will fade away when the Truth is comprehended, until then we remain skeptical.  

A Jnani just plays with theses Avaya and Vyatireka as he is knows the truth. For him this Anvaya and Vyatireka is like a play and he enjoys it. It so happened in Mahabharata that once Yudhisthira wanted to consult Sri Krishna on some important matter. He wished to send a messenger to Dwaraka to bring Sri Krishna. The next day the messenger with a chariot was ready to leave to Dwaraka. Just then Bhimasena came in and seeing the chariot he enquired about it with Yudhisthira. When he came to know that it was an arrangement to bring Sri Krishna to Hastinapura 
Bhimasena said, “There was a simpler way to get Sri Krishna here.”  

Yudhisthira was curious to know how.

Immediately Bhimasena flung his heavy mace high up in the air and stood under it with folded hands and cried out loud, “Hey! Krishna Parandhama, you have to save me from the falling mace.” In the blink of an eye Sri Krishna was there to catch the falling mace. This is Anvaya. Let us see the Vyariteka.    
While on exile Sri Krishna stayed in the Dwaithavana forest for an year with Pandavas and it was time for Him to leave for Dwaraka. Everyone including Yudhisthira were in tears as they could not come in terms with the departure of Sri Krishna. Bhimasena and Draupati were calm and poised; Yudhisthira asked Bhimasena why he was not apprehensive of the fact that Sri Krishna will no longer be with them.

“When was Sri Krishna not in Dwaraka and when He not is with us in Dwaithavana, I don’t realize. To me it does not matter if He is anywhere as He is in assess able distance always. Why should I weep for someone who is always within the hearing distance?” said Bhimasena.

Bhimasena felt the presence in the absence which is Anvaya while Yudhisthira experienced the absence in the presence which is Vyatireka. 

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