Friday, March 10, 2017

979. Karma has its own ways....!

“Purva janma kritham papam, vyadhi rupena baadathe”

Meaning: The resultant fruit for the deeds from previous births manifest as disease.

Here in this verse the word used is “Vyadhi” which is disease but in literal sense it is not only Vyadhi but Kushala (Healthy) also. In general sense it is quite obvious not to analyse why we are happy or healthy. If I see a friend sad I will ask him what made him sad, if I want to know the reason for my friends’ happiness I am branded as eccentric. Moreover a person who has a little knowledge of Karma Siddhanta (Doctorine of Karma) will know that the prevailing consequences are not the reflection of actions of the recent past. Yet, I ask as a need to do something for recreation coated with the colour called “concern”.   
My Karma Phala (Resultant Fruit) in Karma rupa (remnant investment) will get the Dukha/Sukha rupa (misery/pleasant form) with the grace of Absolute who is the dispenser of Karma Phala. Ones it gets the Dukha/Sukha rupa it is experienced by me and hence gets exhausted. Here I can say that I am the creator of my destiny. I need not blame anyone for the way my life is unfolding to me.  

The other day I was watching a program on how the Great Horn-bill raises the family. I was spellbound to see its habit of immuring the nest. The female Horn-bill builds a nest in the hollow of a large tree trunk. Using her bill as a trowel she plasters the clay bought by her mate to build a wall at the entrance of the nest with a small opening. Within she remains a prisoner for the rest of the breeding period. This way her nest will not have intruders, she and her chicks are safe. She lays the eggs and incubates relying on her mate to get her fruits, lizards, insects and frogs up to 10 times per hour in a day. I was amazed looking at the dedication it is said that in the total trips it undertakes the male supplies around 25,000 fruits to the family. How fortunate the madam Horn-bill is???     

Now in contrast to what I saw about the Horn-bill family there is the Lion family where the lions are bad members of the family with a combination of greed and laziness. Lions spend most of their day lying in the shade, waiting for one of their mates to bring home the kill. The lioness does all of the hunting and pretty much all of the parenting too. Once the lioness brings home the kill, the lion is always the first one to eat and he often leaves only the leftover to the rest of the family. Amazingly in a rough hunting season the alpha male is seen to consume the whole kill brought by the lioness leaving her and her cubs to starve.

If we observe a lion cannot be a Horn-bill or a Horn-bill cannot afford to be like a lion. The Prarabdha Karma of the lioness is that she has to put on with the lion. She cannot lift her head up and look at the hospitality the Lady Horn-bill is receiving and grumble. Then does the Prarabdha Karma phala same to us human beings also is the question???

Well now is the time to contemplate if the Prarabdha karma of an individual is to endure the hardship it is the effect. Why should I be the cause for it??? Here we humans have the entry of Agami Karma. Animals do not accumulate Agami Karma they are programmed by the conditioned or adoptive mind and they don’t use their freewill. I can check myself from causing difficulty to others.....I can be a male Horn-bill or an Alpha male Lion choice is mine.....Right???   

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