Friday, March 17, 2017

985. Mental worship.....!

A shepherd was an ardent devotee of Sri Krishna. As a shepherd his job was to lead the flock of sheep from barn to pasture. He had to keep vigil on the flock to safe guard them from wolves and wild dogs. As an ardent devotee he had to adore his Sri Krishna. Hardly that was a problem for him, since he used to mentally remember Him. Thus he was mentally with Him always and it had become so routine to the shepherd that as soon as he closed his eyes Sri Krishna would appear playing His flute.

Once it so happened that a renowned Saint was travelling along with his followers. The Saint was being carried in a palanquin as per the custom and practice in those days. The palanquin went pass the pasture where this shepherd was gazing his flock of sheep. On the other side of the pasture was Tulasi patch, the holy basil-herb grown in plenty. The Saint in the palanquin who was a devotee of Sri Krishna saw the shrubs and was delighted. His mind at once leaped to his Lord and he decided to dedicate the Tulasi to Sri Krishna mentally. Overflowing with emotional ecstasy he prepared a garland of Tulasi and imagined Sri Krishna and wished to garland Him. To his surprise the garland would not settle on the Lord properly.

The Saint was mystified! “Why is this garland not settling on the broad shoulders of my Lord!” he wondered. thinking it might be too short he tried another garland, to his surprise and dismay even that garland could not settle on the shoulders of the Lord. A little astonished the Saint was wondering what his Lord was up to. Then he saw the shepherd running towards him calling out loud, “Mahaswamy, Mahaswamy.”    
The Saint stepped out of the palanquin and looked at the shepherd. “Mahaswamy! The garland did not settled well on the shoulder of the Lord as the Lord was holding his flute and playing it. Try putting the garland a little away and it will be perfect,” told the shepherd.

Those around did not know what was happening what this shepherd was telling about garland? which shoulder? what flute? Moreover who was this fellow who was instructing our Saint? The followers were perplexed. Meanwhile the Saint closed his eyes and creating another garland mentally to put it on the Lords shoulders, this time a bit away and of course it settle down fine there! A surprised Saint asked the shepherd how he knew about the problem and the solution which was in his mind which none could understand.

The shepherd replied “Mahaswamy, I was listening to the melodious tunes from my Lord when your hands appeared and tried to put the garland on His shoulders. with the flute of the Lord extended the garland would not settle on his shoulders. Hearing that the Saint experienced boundless joy.
The shepherd went on to become Kanakadasaru who got initiation from the renowned Sri Vyasaraja Tirtharu. 

When I heard this story I could relate it to “Telepathy.”

Telepathy is about the mind to mind communication. There is no necessity of words or sign language; it is an instant form of transfer of thoughts from one person to another. It is a unique way to sense by feel or see or hear someone far away bare by extending the thought. 

There are many types of telepathic activity:

Inception: planting a message or image in other persons mind.

Mind Reading: To get a picture on what is going on in other persons mind.

Mental Communication: Exchange or flow of information or ideas from one person to another.

Mind Control: Similar to hypnotism to gain control over other persons mind.   

Kanakadasaru could read the mind of Sri Vyasaraja Tirtharu and observe the Saint prepare the garland and offer it to the same Lord from whom he was listening to the melodious music.

Unbelievable?......Believe it!!!

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