Saturday, March 18, 2017

986. Purpose of Life.....!

What is the purpose of life? This is a question which does not have a specific answer. Try asking whomever you feel like, the answers will be too many but there is no explicit answer.  
A few enlightened souls say that the purpose of life is life itself, while some feel the purpose of life is life of purpose. As I understand the purpose of life is to see that it becomes a purpose for others to live.

We Indians who are mainly Hindus believe that there is a ten incarnation of Maha Vishnu yet to happen. He has made a declaration that He will come every time there is imbalance in Dharma and Adharma. Our scriptures declared that sin exceed day by day and a point, it will outnumber the good. At that time, He will appear and save the good. So, we decided to wait. Wait for Him to come. If we are to wait for Him to come, what is the Purpose of Life???

When He created all of us, he just simply created. He gave us intelligence and most importantly intellect. Here I wish to distinguish between Intelligence and Intellect. Intelligence is Yukthi while Intellect is Buddhi. Intelligence is used by us for our well-being, while Intellect is to find the answer for the question “What is the purpose of Life.”

So as humans we have this intelligence to tackle the outer world and the intellect to manage our inner world. The atrocities happening at the outer world does not need Him to come to subdue them. The intelligence in us is enough to take care of it. All we need to do is develop the habit of appreciating anything which is Sadhaka (Benevolent) and condemn that which is Badhaka (Malevolent) to the welfare of the society.
Vishnu Purana explaining about Kalki, the ten incarnation of Maha Vishnu says, He will arrive on a white horse welding a sword in his hand. As I understand the white horse is the spiritual sense in all of us. As it stands now, the earth plane is witnessing lot of crime, where a lot of conflict and commotions prevail and this development is nothing short of dangerous for the future generation. The sword in the hand of Kalki signifies the ability to distinguish between a saint and a sinner. A sinner has to be given a chance to live a right life but not a prospect to improvise his offence.

He is in all of us as Kalki, He is not waiting to come He is already in us. Hence we celebrate His jayanti today, Shravana Maasa Shukla Paksha Shashthi. Let us be aware of His existence in us and be proactive to safeguard our society. Let us make this earth plane an envious place for the divine beings. This would be the purpose of the life, we think of transforming negative thoughts in our mind to positive thought why not deal with those negative elements and if possible transform them too. If it is impossible, then as we discard the negative thought from our mind let us annul the negative elements from our society.

The purpose of life is to create a clean society and have a clear mind....What say??? 

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