Thursday, June 1, 2017

1020. LOVE or FEAR......what motivates you???

They say that there are only two motivating force, one is “LOVE” and the other is “FEAR”. While love opens up to life fear holds back from life. In the rhythm of life opening up as well as holding back has its own importance. So can we agree that love and fear can both exist???

Yes, it depends on the individual way of applying it or accepting it I suppose. To illustrate further I would like to share a story which is a very old one. In a village lived two farming couple who were neighbours. They had their fields also next to each other and every morning the men would go to the field to work and the ladies would bring them lunch in the afternoon. Both the farmers grew millet in the field and as an intermediate crop they also cultivated Avarekai (Hyacinth Beans) which normally grows November-February.

There is a recipe in Karnataka which is prepared by these hyacinth beans called “Hitikida Avarekalu Saaru” which goes well with Ragi Mudde (Finger Millet ball). With the Hyacinth crop being harvested, the first farmer one day told his wife to make the curry for dinner and went to the field. The dish was ready by the dinner time and it was a routine to serve the special dish in the bronze plate as against the plantain leaf which they normally used.

Alas! She forgot.

Husband arrived, freshened up washing his hands and feet and sat down for dinner. The wife had kept everything ready to serve the meal. She took out the plantain leaf placed it before him. The husband lost his temper and shouted at his wife questioning her why the meal was not being served in the bronze plate. The wife tried to explain that she forgot but he was in no mood to listen. He pushed the plate away and went to sleep. Feeling disappointed at the incidence she too slept without dinner.

For a person who has worked the whole day in the field it is difficult to sleep on an empty stomach. The farmer got up midnight and went to the kitchen. He served himself in the plantain leaf and enjoyed the meal. As he had finished and was about to roll the plantain leaf he heard his wife’s voice, “Just leave it, I will have the meal and put away the leaf” (it was an old custom for the wife to eat from the same plate or leaf which the husband had). Then the farmer realised that his wife too had slept without dinner. He realised his idiocy and learnt his lesson. He started loving her even more since then.

A week later the same incidence happened in the other farmer’s house. The script was same, same curry, same plantain leaf, same temper, same pushing of plate and up to farmer going to sleep everything same. Only change was that his wife had her meal before sleeping. Again here too because of the work in the filed the whole day, the farmer was hungry and he too got up midnight and served himself a meal in the plantain leaf. He could not take even a bite, the curry was too salty. When he was about to get up he heard his wife’s voice, “I thought I will serve you in the bronze plate in the morning. Since you are more interested in the plate than the curry, I added extra salt in the curry, it should not really matter. Will it?” 

The farmer did not know what to say. Seeing his faded face his wife asked him to sit and served him the meal with a curry kept separately, with normal dose of salt. The farmer realised his folly and learnt his lesson. He started fearing his wife even more since then.

Now, I cannot say which wife was spot on in handling her husband as love and fear did motivate well in either incidence.......What say???  

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