Wednesday, June 14, 2017

1031. Donate Blood....Save Life!

Today I had been to Rashtrotthana Blood Bank, a wing of Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Yes, it was to donate blood. The day was special as it was "World Blood Donor Day". It is a routine for me to donate blood twice a year. Basamma and Hemanth who work as phlebotomists know me and some times they do make a call when there is an emergency. There are many blood banks doing a great job by providing blood for the needy undergoing surgery.

RSS which is labeled as right wing organisation have taken the initiative to collect, separate and store blood and provide them to hospitals and patients. Amazingly the Hindu thought does not approve the donations of any part of the body including blood. Though there is no mention of this kind in any of our scriptures, some do believe that donation may lead to karmic distribution. This is a mere misconception.

Moreover our sect is not like the one which sticks to whatever is said in the scriptures. We are those seekers who give a rational thought and decide the best to be done. If donation of any part of the body can help others why not donate??? We know about Kannappa, the devotee who donated his eye to Maharudradeva and became the "first eye donor" of the universe. We have heard of Sage Dadhichi who gave his backbone to make Vajrayudha, the thunder weapon of Indra.

Karma Siddhantha and donations of any part of the body including blood is miles apart. Yes, there is a concept which states that the karmic debt is spread to the whole body including blood and if we donate the karmic debt could get infused into the body of the recipient (we do have the case of a heart transplant in U.S.A where the aged lady who received the heart of a young man who was brain dead, started to feel the urge to drink beer and eat fried chicken. It was later found that the young man was addicted to drinking beer and eating fried chicken.)

Karmic debt as I understand is just in our cluster of thoughts, I mean in the way we keep it in our memory crest. Blood donation hardly took half an hour. If I can think that the blood I am donating should help the recipient will it not be the thought that is infused in the blood???

When I entered the blood bank to donate the blood Hemanth who is a regular reader of my posts wanted me to write on the blood donation. He even clicked a snap and insisted I post it too. I told him that it is Raktha Daana and in our culture it is said that one should never publicize that which is give as Daana. Hemanth gave me a grin and said, "Sir, why don't you spread the word  as an inspiration or motivation?"

I do not know how many get motivated as I feel the only motivator is Sri Hari who motivates me to donate. However it is a nice feel to give 350 ml of blood every 6 months and help save some lives.......Donate Blood and Save Lives.

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