Monday, June 26, 2017


It was in the year 1537 a feudatory ruler under the Vijayanagara Kingdom built a mud fort with moat in a place called “Benda Kaal Uru” (town of boiled beans). Earlier to that in the 12th century Hoysala King Veera Ballala had been on a hunting expedition lost his way in the forest and had come to this place. He was tired and thirsty, he came across an old woman who not only quenched his thirst by giving him cool water but also fed him boiled beans. It is said that the old woman told him that the ground water in that place was so soft that the beans would boil in a jiffy. The King called the place “Bendakaaluru.”

The feudatory king who built the fort 300 or so years after the place got its name was Hiriya Kempe Gowda. He is fondly called “Nadaprabhu” (Lord of the Land). The city of “Bengaluru” as it is now called has the history of more than four centuries. In recent times this is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with IT & BT as the feather in its cap. This technological advent bloomed as the citizens possess “Udaara Mano Bhava” (Cosmopolitan).     
My city has seen a lot of changes and has had the great heart to accept them. From “Chitranna”(Lemon Rice) to “Schezwan Fried Rice” from “Bonda, Bajji, Ambode” (Fried Spicy Snacks) to “Pizza, Burger, Momos” from “Viledele” (Betel leaf, Areca Nut and Slaked Lime combo) to “Maghai Paan”, from “Kodagu Kapi” (Coorg Coffee) to “Budweiser”, from “Panche, Kuppasa, Peta” (Dhoti, Shirt and Turban) to “Jean, T-shirt, Blazers” from “Langa Davani” (Half Saree) to “Minis, Middies, Tops” from “Ettina Gadi” (Bullock Cart) to “Namma Metro” from “Bannada Buguri” (Colourful Spinning Top)  to “Fidget Spinners.”

For the native people here no issue is small and no authority is big. They did have a very unique way of addressing the smallest to the smallest issue with however bigger the authority could be. With the cosmopolitan tag attached now the feel of “Bade Bade Shehero Mein Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai” (In Big Cities, Little Things Like This keep Happening) attitude has crept in and has trivialised the spirit of questioning. The lack of this spirit has pushed the natives to the mode of “Swalpa Adjust Madkoli (Please Adjust A Little)” and thus life is going on in this Metropolitan City.

Our Nadaprabhu Kempegowda had built over 100 lakes many monuments which include the famous Dadda Basavana Gudi in Basavanagudi which houses a huge Monolithic Bull carved out of grey granite of height 15 feet and 20 feet in length. He also had installed four watch towers in the four directions marking the boundary of the place. These towers stand as a testimony even today at Mehkri Circle as northern tip, Halsuru Lake as eastern tip, Lalbagh as the southern tip and Kempambuddhi Lake as the western tip. Our Nadaprabhu would not have imagined that with the growth at this the boundary of Bengaluru would surpass the marked towers many miles ahead.       
I take this opportunity to remember this great personality Nadaprabhu Kempegowda on his birth anniversary today who is instrumental in designing my city which is now considered the best place to live considering the natural conditions and also the native attitude. We, the Bengalureans are like the old woman who gave the thirsty king not just the water but also the boiled beans. She is our role model we welcome anyone from anywhere.....but the onus of living in harmony also lies with our sojourners......Nadaprabhu Kempegowdarige Jai!!!

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