Sunday, June 18, 2017

1035. Father or Dad???

On this father's day in one of my WhatsApp Group there was a question asked, "Is there a difference between  Father and Dad??? In the vocabulary sense it said that one who has provided his sperm to be eligible to be the biological connection is the Father while the one who takes the responsibility to provide good care in the form of food, shelter and clothing is a Dad.

This could be in other countries but in my country almost in every family the Father is the Dad too. In a family it was he who would take the oath to take care of the all the members dependent in him. (Note: I am using this word dependents which is not reality in the broader sense as we all know who the real provider is). 

According to our ancient thought marriage was to continue the progeny and at the same time for the Jeevatma (Individual Consciousness) to get back into the world through the womb of the mother. The purpose of the union of the man and his consort has its fulfilment not in experiencing the ecstasy alone but creating the overlap of the mortal to make the mankind on the whole immortal.

In that sense if the man and his wife are a part of the noble venture they have done with the purpose of life. Now if one asks what about providing them the basic amenities and bringing up them to be a better citizen by good parenting, that is another issue. A man cannot just be a means to bring a Jeeva to the world, if that act is Prarabdha the Agami of him is to take care of the progeny.

From the progeny point of view the vouchsafe is in the Father bringing them to this earth plane. That is more than sufficient as it is by itself a virtue considering the fact that many in the recent time are reluctant to bring the progeny to this wonderful world.

A father is not just Dad but a friend for life... Am I right???

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