Saturday, June 17, 2017

1034. Saplings and Seedling care...!

A successful businessman got enrolled in a week long spiritual retreat camp conducted by an ashrama in the outskirts of the city. The reputation of the ashrama had crosses the shores and many followers from abroad were also participating in the camp. Though the gathering was huge the Guru in the ashrama made sure that he interacted with everyone and gave them points to ponder.          

Our businessman was a go easy type guy who had son who was a brat. Being a successful businessman his influence would get the kid out of trouble always. While one such discussion on parenting, this businessman who would always listen to the discourse of the Guru made his stands clear. He said, “As Gurudeva had quoted Bhagavad-Gita and told that every individuals life is the continuation of his previous life so our previous interests carry over from that life to this. So as parents we do not have control over it. Our kids have in them the ability and capability to know what has to be done.”

Many of them were confused while a few agreed with him, but none wished to continue the debate on the topic. The essence of the discussion reached the ears of the Guru. Guru sent a word to the businessman asking him to join him for a stroll in the community garden nearby the next morning.    

Guru and the businessman walked past many flowering plants which were pleasantly blooming displaying their lovely colours. At one quarter there were small saplings which were razed by cattle and a few seedlings were dried up. Looking at the entire landscape with captivating flora and fauna, the businessman was uncomfortable with the carelessness of the gardener for not having the saplings secured by providing fence and a few seedlings were invaded by weeds. He said, “How can this gardener be so slapdash he has destroyed the saplings and the seedlings.”

Guru smiled at him and said, “The seed which sprouted out to be the seedling and the sapling has the plant survival instinct which has come from the plant which has produced the seed. It has inherited the endurance skills from its mother the tree. You need not worry about it.”

Businessman was shocked at the words of the Guru he protested, “Gurudeva, the seed has just sprouted and some of it is hardly reached a foot long height. The plant has to be taken care until some stage if not it will be eaten away by cattle or they get infested by pests. No regular weed out has weakened the seedlings.”

Guru then stopped walking, turned towards the businessman and resting his hand on the shoulder of the businessman he said, “Correct I agree with what you have told. One has to take care of the saplings and seedlings till they have reached certain stage. The gardener has to be blamed if they get destroyed by any means. Don’t you think the same is true with kids? They might have great ethos which can make them a better citizen, will it not be the responsibility of the parents like the gardener to safeguard them from unwanted insects and weeds. The young kids are prone to get into bad association. The intuition and instincts get easily swabbed at that age. Gardening and parenting is similar constant management of weeds and periodic pruning is necessary for both. Most importantly providing adequate support is crucial.”               
The businessman understood where his Guru was leading him to.

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