Thursday, June 8, 2017

1025. ISS to ISIS fanaticism.....!

ISS is Islamic Science of Spirituality (Sufism) which is called Tasawwuf meaning mysticism.  

One sect has added another “I” which is the Ahamkara aspect between science and spirituality to make it ISIS.  

Earlier Islamic mystics liked to play with the root of Safa, “purity.” He who is purely in Love of Divine is a Sufi” that is to be absorbed in the Divine and think nothing other than Him. Sufis always remained inside the fold of Islam, and their mystical attitude was limited by their adherence to Tauhid, “to declare that Almighty is one.”   

However since the time beyond the founder of Islam, the one religious section parted into two Salik (Introvert) and Majzoob (Extrovert). A Salik saint expressed his thought according to the circumstances; he adopted a way which would not hurt the susceptibility of the other seeker. While the Majzoob saint was driven more by passion and spread the word of Almighty openly and fearlessly. In fact the Majzoob saints were more susceptible for punishments for giving religious sermons. This suffering of the atrocities made the Islamic mystical thinkers to introduced philosophy called Wahdatul-Wajud (Unity of Existence) which focused on the nature of the Divine. Though this concept was popular among Islamic masses, it was problematic for some and it becomes hurdle for ruling elite to use religion for exploitation and geopolitical purpose. 

Later another concept was introduced called Wahdatul-Shahood (Everything is From Him). According to this concept every existing thing is the creation of Almighty. He is above all creation and the world of attributes cannot be associated with Him. Spirit and matter are two separate things.

This theory then found expression in virtue and vice, atonement and sin, reward and punishment. Then it advanced further and adding intensity to the collective belief of faith and infidelity. Religious institutions consider it their duty to liberate people from “infidelity” and set them “on the path of Truth. In order to bring people to their fold, the monopolists of religion first use preaching and then subsequently force by using the state machinery. This thought was not the original which the Sufism preached.    

Sufis did not believe in state affairs. They separated religion and state. They had the opinion that religion and faith was a personal matter. While those who had a contrast thought became the orthodox mainstream Muslims who depended more on Quran, Prophet’s Sunna and Sharia Law to seek the closeness of Almighty. Sufis believe that love to His creatures with sincerity and purity can bring closeness to Almighty. 

According to Sufism, emulation of the Prophet’s Sunna (traditional Islamic Law) and obedience towards the Sharia Laws do not necessarily guarantee closeness to Almighty; one must be in constant dhikr (Remembering Him). Intense dhikr can make one feel Almighty inside just as the Prophet experienced in Miraj.  

Orthodox mainstream Muslims and Ulemas (Scholars) insist that following Quran and the Hadith (Scripture) alone is the means to attain closeness to Almighty in the paradise after death. Sufis believe that by Muraqaba (meditation) one can embrace divine closeness and need not wait for death. (Radical Islamists misused the thought of orthodox mainstream Muslims to lure the young for Jihad by giving them a different meaning of jannath “Paradise”) 

To sing and dance is Haram (forbidden) in mainstream Islam as they feel they do not fit well with the concept of worship. Sufism had Sema (whirling dervish) the musical worship with dance. Subsequently the orthodox mainstream Islam started to lack spiritual values which made the radical Islamist take advantage to propagate Islam. Sufism is based upon the deeper Spiritual meaning of Islam and does not believe in propaganda. 

Hence Sufism is considered the real Soul of Islam.

Note: This is as per my understanding I would love to be corrected by any of my friends Muslim in particular.... I stand corrected.  

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