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1027. What makes the Druva Bera at Tirumala so Attractive??????

Tirumala temple as an average gets about 75,000 to 1,00,000 devotees per day and on festival and holidays it goes up. Devotees wait in queue for hours to have a glimpse of the Lord for a few minutes. To tackle the huge rush the TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) board is contemplating on rationing one visit per year to devotees. Why is it that so many devotees throng to this particular temple???

The answer is in the magnificent and mesmerizing image at the sanctum. The image of the Lord is different from the sculptural theory as it is “Swayambhu” (Self-manifested). On a closer examination of the Lord’s image, one finds that the Druva Bera as it is called is about 9.35 feet (285 cms) tall and stands on a lotus platform of about 18 inches (45.72 cms). Just a few inches below the foot of the image flows Viraja River.

The face of the image has exquisite features the nose neither flat nor prominent and the eyes are prominent and are partially closed with clear eyebrows. On the forehead there is an outline of “Nama” though it is not projected out of the image. Head is covered with long locks of hair that projects out of the crown and rest on the broad shoulders. The chest is estimated to be between 36 to 40 inches in width and the waist would be between 24 to 27 inches, though there has never been a formal measurement of these statistics.

This beautiful image has four ever brilliant hands in different postures. In the right upper hand there is “Sudarsana” (disc) and in the left upper hand there is a “Panchajanya” (conch), while the lower right hand is known as “Varada Hastha” (granting boons) and the lower left hand is known as “Kati Hastha” as it is placed on the “Kati” (Hip). The lower part of the waist appears to be tilted to the left while the right knee appear to bent a little as in Tribhanga pose. This glorious posture of the Lord is very unique, attractive and decent. The bluish tinged body of the Lord has his consort Mahalakshmi seated on his chest and hence the sparkle in his heart.

The image is mostly adorned with jewellery and the combined weight of the ornaments and the image is about 350 Kg any day. A image which is so huge and adored with so much of ornaments has to have a back support of some sort otherwise there are chances of the image to gradually lean on one side as it is said that the image stands on a river flowing below. There is no support to this image as He is the support to the entire universe. Any sculpture has a life span but this particular image has been tested by many artisans and they have not been able to make out the origin. The devotees believe that Lord Maha Vishnu is Himself standing there and hence it is not an idol.

I am a firm believer of the Chandogya Upanishad statement "Sarvam Kalvidam Brahmaa" (Verily all this that is, is Brahman). Many ask me supporting such a thought how could I say that Absolute has manifested in Tirumala alone. The logic is that there is electric current passing through the entire PVC insulated copper wire which has been drawn for my all electric home, but it is only when a bulb is connected to it will one know by seeing the glow in the bulb that there is power supply in it. Likewise there is Brahman in everything and everywhere but according to my belief He is there at Tirumala blessing the entire universe in a manifested form.

This is the reason I believe the three Acharyas have mentioned about the Lord of Seven Hills and have had darshana of the Lord. And Srimad Ramanuja the founder of Visistadvaitha philosophy equates Srinivasa to Brahman in the Mangala Sloka of his Sri Bhashya, the commentary on Brahma Sutras.

The verse is as follows:

akhila bhuvana janma sthema bhangaadi leele
vinata vividha bhuta vrata rakshaika dikshe |
Sruti sirasi vidipte brahmani Srinivase
bhavatu mama parasmin semushi bhakti rupa ||

The drama of stability and instability of the living things in the whole universe and protection of the good deeds of the humble beings are taken care by Him.|
Destiny has proclaimed at the crown of the all scriptures that SRINIVASA is the Brahman. May I attain that Supreme through knowledge and devotion.||

But do I need I go to Tirumala to have His darshana? No, I can just close my eyes and visualize the Druva Bera which I never forget and experience the delightment wherever I am.

Such is His grace.....

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