Monday, June 9, 2014

487. Karma, Bhakti, Jnana & Raja Yoga has helped elevate my Mind!

I am not this gross body which consists of five sense organs and five motor organs, nor am I the five vital breaths. Then am I the mind? When I am asking who I am is it the mind which is asking “Who I Am”? This ‘mind’ of mine is an incredible power residing in the Self. It is the cause of all thoughts thereby when I ask “Who I Am?” even that question has to come from my mind. When there are thoughts there has to be mind. Hence projecting thoughts is the nature of mind. The world is in the form of my thoughts which are projected by my mind. When I am in deep sleep (Non-Rapid Eye Moment stage) there are no thoughts so the world is void to me at that time. But when I am awake or dreaming my mind produces lots of thoughts and there is a world.

The world which I see through the help of my five senses is Prapancha (Relative World) while that which I see in my dream is  Antarprapancha  (Fantasy World). Just like how the spider secretes the thread to form a web out of itself my mind projects the world out of itself and again resolves it into itself. When my mind comes out of the Self, the world is experienced. Hence when the world is experienced as real, the Self is veiled; and when the Self is experienced as a bright light the world is annihilated. When I persistently inquire into the nature of my mind then my mind will end leaving the Self as the only remainder.

My mind always triumphs in the association of something gross like my senses, without them it cannot stay on its own. Hence the senses have to be disassociated with my mind. To disassociate my senses I take the help of Karma Yoga (Selfless Action). When my senses are put to work constantly, my mind will never get associated with them apart from the subject of the work. When my mind is not in contact with the senses it will start to project thoughts on its own and now I need to engage my mind in this position I take the help of Bhakti Yoga (Unconditional Devotion). When my mind is observed in Bhakti my intellect can have its domination and it can venture into the obscure subjects with the help of Jnana Yoga (Eternal Knowledge). By Jnana my mind understands that it is very too small compared to what is inside me. It gets introduced to Absolute Consciousness, it is here that my mind realizes that it is not the boss and it is just the reflection of that Bigger Boss who is inside.

When my mind has comprehended this truth it remains inside and becomes Antarmukhi (inward facing) and occasionally it comes out to get in touch with the relative world. When my mind is inside it is practicing Raja Yoga (Supreme Contemplation), which helps my mind to remain quiet so that there is insight wisdom. When my mind is quite it in the vicinity of Self. When in Self my mind comes to know that it has been in bondage for many past births and has to be liberated. Now the mind which is elevated to higher level of thinking starts to inquiry “Who I am?” “What is the purpose of my Life?” When the answer to this mystic question is got even that thought will also get dissolved just like how the logs which are kept to support the burning pyre gets burnt at the my mind is annihilated, i am not the gross body nor the five sense nor the five motor organs nor the five vital breath nor the mind...... "Who am I?" ..... this question does not rise at all......but that will be after the end of this lifespan.......What say????? 

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  1. The mind is like the cobweb,with her own thoughts is caught in it..feeling breathless.and restless.cant come out of it. Vedantha gave some solutions to be followed.After making the mind quiet one will hgt the answer of the question "who i am "you have explained all the paths for this journey. manoj.