Friday, June 13, 2014

491. From Cha Me to Idam Na Mama...................!!!!

In the Sri Rudram Chamakam (Vedic Chant) every word ends with “Cha Me” (grant me) it is literally asking for the fulfillment of wishes and in the Agnihotra Mantra which invoke Sun at the Sunrise and Agni (fire) at Sunset, we have “Idam Na Mama” (This is not mine) it is chanted when offering. In Sri Rudram a seeker make a polite wish to the Lord and while making an offering to the Lord in the Agnihotra Mantra the seeker says that whatever he has to offers Him is not his.

If the seeking is small the offering has to be huge, even nature does the same; for instance this earth takes a small seed in the same as lines as “Cha Me” but when it is time for it to give back it says “Idam Na Mama” and offers everything it has without being selfish. “Cha Me” is common factor; as everybody wants but only few give back that which they have.

Why should one offer with the thought of “Idam Na Mama”?

This very thought of “this is not mine” will stop one from getting involved in the stress and strain that is engrossed in it. Here is a story which can throw light on how the feel of “Idam Na Mama” can lessen the burden on a person’s mind.

There was a King who looked after his subjects very well and there was no problem what so ever in his land. As time passed trivial problem started pouring in every day and the King had to resolve them. He was getting old and felt his son was too young to find solutions to those problems. This thought was posing trouble; he was tense and lost sleep. He always thought what would happen after him. In search of a solution to this problem he went to his Kula Guru (Preceptor of the Clan) and said, “I am getting weaker day by day and am unable to rule the kingdom, my son is too young to take over what should I do? Gurudeva.”

Kula Guru said, “If you are unable to find person who can rule the land, then I suggest you to hand over the kingdom to me, I will handle it.”

King was very much pleased he said, “By all means I am ready.”

At that very instant taking the water from the kamandalu, the King poured the water from his hand to the hands of the Kula Guru symbolizing the exchange of the power. 

King stood up to leave. “Where are you going?” asked Kula Guru.

“I will go far away from this kingdom and live a life of a commoner.” said the King.

“What are you going to do for a living?” Kula Guru asked.

“I am ready to accept any job that come my way.” said the King.

Kula Guru told, “If you are ready to do any job, come and work for me. I have a huge kingdom and I cannot run it, I need a person who has a good experience and I find you very suitable for the job.”

King said, “Oh Yes! I am for it, I accept the job.”

Kula Guru said, “Good, start you work from this moment rule the kingdom on my behalf. Do not forget that nothing is yours and you are on payroll.”

King accepted the job and started ruling the kingdom on behalf of his Kula Guru. After some months Kula Guru came to the palace and asked the King, “How are you now? Do you still have tensions? How is your life going on?”

Gleefully the King replied, “Very happy Gurudev, I resolve the problem the whole day and have a peaceful sleep at. Nothing is mine. I only do my duty.”

“You are the King and you are doing the entire administration job I have not stepped into the kingdom for many months now. The reason that you are not stressed is because you own the responsibility of the kingdom only when you look at it and it is no longer in your memory because it is not owned by you anymore as you perceive this kingdom to be mine since the moment you gave it to me.” told the Kula Guru.  
Simply consider Him as the sole proprietor by saying “Idam Na Mama” and do your work sincerely, then all the tension will just vanish………!

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