Wednesday, June 18, 2014

495. When Atheist, Ritualist & Spiritualist confronted the OTHER......

There were two friends one an atheist and the other who believed in ritualistic worship, they sat on the park bench and the atheist took one disastrous event which killed many theists to poke at his friend. And the argument went on for an hour as the ritualist put out his best to convince his friend. 

A spiritualist, who was sitting at the other end of the same bench and listening to them, intervened. He said, “Gentlemen, I have been listening to you both and find that the friend who is a non-believer has a point. I believe that unknown energy is doing something which I cannot comprehend, but sometimes even I feel at least those who believe that energy as God should have saved since they had kept trust on Him. At the same time I would like to tell my atheist friend that it was not the matter of belief or not believing which is the yard stick for a person to die.”

Turning to the person who had been defending the ritualistic worship the spiritualist said, “Sir, you know that He is present everywhere but you stick to worshiping idols as if God is present only in it. This act of yours has clouded the essence of what Vedas have told. It is this worshiping of idols which has kept the devotees in dark, because you think He is Omnipresent and yet confine Him in the four walls of a Sanctum. I will tell you a situation so that you get the point clearly. A young man was brought to the city by his relative and got him a job in the tailoring shop. The owner of the shop put the boy to stitch buttons to the shirt. After about five years the relative visits the boy at the tailoring shop and finds him fixing the buttons but the difference was he was sewing with gold thread. The situation is no better here what idol worshiping to you, is sewing buttons is to the boy. Just as the boy sewing with the ordinary thread earlier had now started sewing with gold thread, you who had adored the idols in temple with flowers; now adore them with gold jewelry, and I see no difference in both. This idol worship will never stop and you people will never come out of obsession to adore non living objects.”

As the two friends kept listening to the spiritual person talking, an old man came from nowhere and started talking to the spiritualist who was giving the sermon all the while. 

The old man said to the spiritualist, “O wise man, why do you target idol worship? If I have to go by the analogy you have just now mentioned about the boy in the tailor shop, it is the boy who has to be reprimanded for not using his skills and the knowledge he has learn in the shop to promote himself to the tailor level. What has the job of sewing the buttons got do here? While it was the inefficiency of the boy to scale the ladder to evolve further, why do you criticize the position? That position of sewing the button has to be there after all it is a tailoring shop, it is the elementary level there. You are not given the sewing machine and a pair of scissors on the first day. Like wise do not criticize Sagunopasana (Idol worship), it is the inefficiency of a seeker to transcend to Nirgunopasana (Mental worship) which is of concern."

Talking so the old man left with the three pondering over what he had said..... Can I call the old person an AWAKENED MAN ?????? 

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  1. everyone at their own mental levels of understanding.That is why so many ways of paths.The matured person accepted all This point is very well expressed with thre e .types of humans.