Monday, June 30, 2014

506. Is there a God Present in Human Form????

Yo Yo Yaam Yaam Tanum Bhakthah Sraddhayaarchithum Icchathi
Thasya Thasyaachalaam Sraddhaam taam eva Vidadhaamy Aham

Says Lord Krishna to Arjuna in Bhagavad-Gita meaning whoever wishes to worship in whichever form with faith He will bestow that unswerving faith in that form itself.

GOD is a person as well as a power, depending on the faith of the devotee. For some He is a presence not a person and for them it is not the prayer that is important it is the prayerful approach that is important. While for some it is the emotions of having Him as a person to have a dialogue with Him at every instance of life as if they are with some one very near and dear.

God is just a feel like compassion, beauty and joy which is to be experienced says some. According to them God is an ecstatic experience of silence, beauty and bliss. Being with that experience is a state of inner celebration to them. While some have Him as their partner in all the play they are indulged into. They live in their own world with Him. Apart from these two people there is another sect who feels God is somewhere far above beyond the sky and you have to always praise him, so that He is pleased and confers favors on you so that all your desires and ambitions are taken care. There is a requisite for a person to be moral fearing but he should not be God fearing, people who are afraid of God judge Him to be a strict school teacher with a bamboo cane in the hand who hits on the knuckles at a mischief. And seeing such people and their irrational belief some people group themselves as another section called atheists.

When you think of Him as a person or a power instead of fearing Him or negating Him you are closer to Him. Your mind chattering will become insignificant, you become one with Him. There is no talk with you and Him as words simply just vanishes from your consciousness. There remain no desires to be fulfilled and no ambitions to succeed. This is the moment of tranquility and calmness within and you become aware of a luminous eminence of existence. There in no one else in between because whether you know it or not you are already part of it. This is the experience that happens within you. This light within you enables you to perceive it everywhere around you in the same luminous eminence.

The concept of God as a person who protects you if you pray Him and punishes you if you don’t has to be stroked off. God has to be freed from any one particular form as He alone has the ability to assume all forms. He should not be bonded by any one particular name, as all the syllables from any vocabulary suites Him. Any sound for that matter can be His name; even the heart beat in you could be His name.  

The essential, the most fundamental thing about God is that the seeker has to be aware of his own innermost center; because it is there that the secret of the whole existence is present. This is where Upanishads and more importantly Maha Narayana Upanishad finds a tremendous important. It says, “In the bastion of the body, there is the small pure and crystal clear lotus of the heart in which the Supreme resides.”

Just because some Upanishad says so, God does not become a hypothesis, He has to be experienced. To experience God Consciousness one has to LIVE it and it is the one and only way to KNOW it. If one is living with such Consciousness he is God and then it is true that God is present in human form.............What say????


  1. You express the very truths within my own experience, my friend. I rarely find an article as well-written and worthy to share on my Google+ Home Page. I just shared yours. Thank you. Peace be in you--in all of your going and coming... :-)