Tuesday, June 24, 2014

501. Why did Lord Krishna agree to mediate knowing the nature of the Dhritarashtra?


After the exile and the incognito the Pandavas asked for their rightful share of kingdom. When the Kauravas led by the elder brother declined Lord Krishna don the role as the ambassador of the Pandavas. He reached Hastinapur to ask the Kaurava king to share the kingdom with his brother’s sons which rightfully belonged to them. King Dhritarashtra allows his eldest son to decide letting all the members of his council powerless. Why did he do so? It was his blind love for his progeny. Dhritarashtra had all rights to decide on his own as he was the emperor but that blind love towards his son let him down.  

Duryodhana had decided not to let Pandavas have their share. Was he avaricious?? No, Duryodhana was the one who had crowned Karna whom he had never seen before, the King of Anga. It was not the love for the land but revenge over the relations which stopped him from parting their share of kingdom. During the exchange of talks 
Lord Krishna even transcends the boundaries of justice to avoid the war and makes a charming request of at least five villages to the Pandavas. Lord was so confident that the Pandavas who took refuge in Him would happily accept whatever He brings home for them. Duryodhana rejects the proposal and his blind father stayed mum. The war becomes inevitable.

Now the question is, when Lord who is Omniscient knew that this would be the end result why did He go to mediate? Or even more if He is Omnipotent why did He not change the mind of the Dhritarashtra?
Lord is omnipotent He can do anything and they say even for the grass to move there has to be His grace. Unless faith in Lord is present 
jiva (individual) cannot pick up anything from this universe be it goodness or profits, except for negative energy. The negative energy is self created. Positive energy is everywhere but negativity resides in the minds of individuals who shun His grace. Even the Lord cannot arbitrate as that negative energy is guided by ignorance. Unless one cultivates the higher modes of nature (sattva-rajas) within, he will ignore His grace and that is exactly what Duryodhana and his father did.

Lord who knew the consequences put the destined drama on to the second place and expected the Trigunas (modes of nature) within in the father-son duo to come off well. Lords grace showers on all of us unconditionally like the Sunlight which does not discriminate between the good and evil, rich and poor, elite and ordinary. But for that grace to unfurl on us it is our attitude that needs to change. As soon as the attitude to ask for His grace sprouts within one experience the shower of His grace which was always present……. Surrender is the key……what say????


  1. Dear Sir,
    The Picture you have placed shows Lord kRuShNa holding a hand & stopping some body from fighting with sword.
    Therefore, it will be nice if you will Please explain this event during the "shreekRuShNa shiShTaai" in the kaurava rajasabhA headed by the Blind King dRutarAShTra.
    Further, many times, we all (human beings) perform many things in spite of knowing it well that our effort is not going to succeed. Therefore, kRushNa's efforts to avoid the War & Massacre of millions (even while knowing that, the effort may not bear Fruit ) looks quite OK.

    1. Dear Sir

      As you have correctly mentioned it is the Kaurava Rajasabha and Sri Krishna is there as an ambassasdor who on behalf of Pandavas had come to make an effort to see that there is no war and only peace.....Here the person with the sword is Shishupala who abuses Sri Krishna....At the time of the birth of Shishupala there was a akashavani which said he would be killed by Sri Krishna for abusing Him and the mother of shishupala begs the Lord to forgive her son.....Sri Krishna promises to tolerate 100 abuses and at the shabha Shishupala crosses the limit and Sri Krishna beheads him.....

      Pranam :):):)