Monday, February 8, 2016

780. Top Secret behind Long Lasting Relationships......!

As a social being I need to have a cordial relationship with each and every person. The relationship could be with my family members, friends, clients, customers, suppliers, vendors and so.  I cannot be seasonal with relationships like I do with my sweater, raincoat and umbrella. This enthusiasm of relationships fascinates me and at the same time I wonder why at times these relationships shines and fades; raises and falls or in some rare cases will not develop at all? Amazingly in most of them there is no sturdiness but having said that there are some which lasts very long with such a stability that it does not go to the peak or get down to the gorge. I often wondered how this could be possible.

After giving a lot of thought I had concluded a long lasting relationship had something to do with destiny as we have heard the famous verse “Runanubandha Rupena Pasu Patni Suta Aalaya”- meaning wife, pet, children and house are due to karmic connections. Yes, completely agreed that it is purely due to destiny that I get connected to people but whether to sustain that or break that depends solely on me. It is possible for me to keep my relationship with other stable and harmonious. All I need to do is be stable irrespective of the circumstances and situations.

With the thought that the same consciousness (Chaitanya) is imbibed in me and in the person with whom I need to have a cordial relationship, I will have to definitely stop blaming for a fault. It is the Ego which refuses to accept this and needs to nail the person when he is at fault. If only I remove the veil of the ego my relationship with other would be perfect as I would have considered to Let Go! Unfortunately if I expect the same from my counterpart also it will never work like that. When I start to overlook whether my counterpart has choose to keep the ego or put it away and if it does not matter to my warmth for him, the relationship is never lost. I know that there are some who would take advantage if I behave so for such people I just ignore and avoid spilling more fuel on the fire. 

Is it possible to live this way in this world? Can I remove the veil of the ego? There are a few things which I need my intellect to tell my mind. My mind has to be ever aware to be there at all times. Secondly my mind should always remember that this lifespan is not all and that my connection with a person though not accidental, it is not predominant but the person is. The relationship survives due to the person not the other way round. If I lose a relationship I will be losing the person not just the designation of the relationship.     

I need to be prepared not to let any relationship to turn sour. If at all a situation of such arises I need to communicate and clarify and take that relationship soaring high. I need to let everyone within the relationship to enjoy peace, love, abundance and oneness. No matter what is said or done I have to see that I do not lose my people over trivial issues.

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