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906. Guessing those words........!

We have this notion that Satsangh is only if we interact with elderly people. As far as my experience Satsangh is that gathering which helps to excel the thought process. There is no mention of age at all. It can happen if you are with elderly person or with one who is younger in age than you.

A young friend of mine who is working in an M.N.C attended a luncheon party game last week. She was so excited about the games they played there like Dumb Charades and Amnesia. I was familiar with Dumb Charades but not with this Amnesia game; she later explained how it has to be played.

An exciting game it was, similar to Dumb Charades where it involves “Word Guessing.” Unlike Dumb Charades where the player is not allowed to talk but is required to act out using his gestures, facial expression and body language, here in this game Amnesia one can pose questions but are restricted in use of few words which directly indicate to the secret word. Like for example; if the word to be guessed is Sim Card the player can be restricted the use of words like Cell Phone, Mobile, Network, Re-Charge and so on in the questions.

We played this game and it was indeed exciting. This experience took me to the Dasa Sahitya where our Dasaru used the words which did provoke the thought. They used words in their kritis which required the knowledge of Puranas as well as Ramayana and Mahabharata. One has to keep guessing.

Puranadaradasa uses the word “Marajanaka” Mara is Kamadeva and Janaka is father so Marajanaka is the father of Manmatha who is Maha Vishnu.

Kanakadasa ends one of his kritis with word “Vastu Prana Nayaka” Vastu is thing (Non-living) Prana is breath (Living) and Nayaka is chief. The one who is chief of both Living and Non Living he is Sri Hari.

Thyagaraja in one of his kritis uses the word “Khagaraja to signify Garuda. Khaga in Sanskrit is Sky & Raja is king. The King of Sky is Garuda.

Yet another gem in using the guessing words to reach to the secret word is this verse.
(I know it is in Kannada and many of my friends find it difficult to understand but if one can follow the explanation it is easy to arrive at the secret word by guessing I suppose).

ವೇದ ಪುರುಷನ ಸುತನ ಸುತನ, ಸಹೋದರನ ಹಿಮಗನ ಮಗನ, ತಲೂಡರಿಯ ಮಾತುಲನ ಮಾವನ, ತೋಳಭುಜಬಲದಿ ಕಡಿಗೆಲಿದನ,
ಅಣ್ಣನ ಅವ್ವೆಯ ನಾಧಿನಿಯ,
ಜಠರದಲ್ಲಿ ಜನಿಸಿದ
ಅನಾದಿ ಮೂರುತಿ ಸಲಹೂ
ಗದುಗಿನ ವೀರ ನಾರಾಯಣ.

Vedapurshana suthana suthana,
sahodarana hemmagana magana,
thalodariya maathulana mavanaa,
Tholabhujabaladi kadigelidana,
Annana avveya naadiniya,
Anaadimooruthi salaho,
GaduginaVeera Narayana,

Vedapurshana suthana suthana:
This is one word to mention Sage Narada. Vedapurusha is Sriman Narayana. Sutha in Kannada is son so son of Sriman Narayana is Brahmadeva being sprouted out of His navel and Brahmadeva’s son is Sage Narada.

Sahodarana hemmagana magana:
Here continuing with Sage Narada the poet relates to his brother (Sahodara) who is Marichi. Hemmaga in Kannada is grandson, Marichi’s grandson happens to be Indra (Son of Kashyapa). Hemmagana maga is Indra’s son who is Arjuna.

Thalodariya maathulana mavanaa:
Thalodari is wife in Kannada so Arjuna’s wife is Subadra and her Maathula (maternal uncle) is Kamsa. And Kamsa’s Mava (Father-in-law) is Jarasandha.

Tholabhujabaladi kadigelidana:
One who challenged Jarasandha for wrestling bout in forest is Bhima.  

Annana avveya naadiniya:
Anna is brother so Bhima’s brother is Yudhishtira. Avva is mother, Yudhisthira’s  mother is Kuntidevi. Naadini is sister-in-law, Kuntidevi’s sister-in-law is Devaki.

Jattara is womb; the one who is born (Janisida) in the womb of Devaki is Sri Krishna.

Anaadimooruthi Salaho:
Here the poet refers Sri Krishna as Anaadi mooruthi (Eternal Form) and request Him to Bless (Salaho).

Gadugina Veera Narayana:
Gadugina Veera Narayana is one of the Pancha Narayana Kshetras built by Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana.

Kumaravyasa is one of the popular Kannada poet born in early 15th century was one of the ardent devotee of Gadag Veera Narayana. He wrote Mahabharata in Kannada with sublime adaptation.  His work is called Kumarabharatha.

Find time to play the game Amnesia......with your near and dear ones. I wish to thank Ankita Yelameli for letting me know about this wonderful game.

Guessing the word!!!

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