Sunday, December 4, 2016

907. One lit candle.....

At the time of power cut darkness prevails at the stores that sells candles. A thousand unlit candles stacked in the shelves cannot drive the darkness away. Just one candle that is lit is enough to illuminate the stores. Amazingly not only is the darkness dispelled but the stacks of unlit candles in the shelves are visible to the shopkeeper and his customers.

The flame that burns the wick at the top of the candle fulfils the meaning for its existence. It is the awakening moment for the candle. That one candle which is lit makes itself felt as well as makes it easy for the things around to be visible by spreading light. An awakened person is like that candle. The knowledge he has which is the wick is always lit with wisdom. That wisdom not only lights up his path but is also the guiding beam of light for the others who are treading the path too.

To gain knowledge books are one of the means. In the melee to acquire knowledge books are purchased and stacked in the book shelves. Too many books are collected and forgotten to read. Japanese call such a person Tsundoku (buying book and not reading them). There are a few who do not read yet are wise, but in general it is through books one gets to know. As the wick is important to the candle so is knowledge for us but the knowledge without wisdom is like the wick without flame. In that candle the wick can be lit by using a match stick or by another lit candle or lamp. Now how can knowledge be transformed into wisdom???

Knowledge does get transformed into wisdom when allowed it to transform.   Gaining knowledge is quite a task but letting it transform is a exciting experience. If one is able to  understand who he is and comprehend his connection with everyone and everything around then the path to convert knowledge to wisdom becomes easy. Such transformation of knowledge to wisdom is perceived by others.  It gives the soft authority that changes the perceptions of those around. 
As the wick gets the meaning when there is flame, the knowledge gets the meaning when it is used wisely to make the world a better place to live and experience.

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