Monday, December 5, 2016

908. Happiness, Expectations and Reality.

The conclusions of many seers over the years is that Sukha (Happiness) is experienced if the Apeksha (Expectations) is not larger than the Vastavattva (Reality). The formula for this is Happiness = Expectations < Reality and as per this formula happiness is inversely proportional to expectations. In a way to sustain high happiness levels is to maintain low expectations. It may appear wise to have a low expectation initially and then to experience the outcome which surpasses the kept expectations. But would it not tune our subconscious mind to always underestimate the happenings??? Also will it not suggests that by adjusting for low expectations we are ok with below par outcomes???

According to Law of Expectations confidence is the key to unlock the reality. If I confidently expect to succeed, if I confidently expect to learn, if I confidently expect to become successful as a result of applying my talents and abilities to the opportunities and maintain that attitude of confident expectations long enough, the outcome will become the reality for me. 

It has been suggested that the intentions behind those expectations have to be right and clear. If so then it acts as a catalyst for the resources around to join hands to see that the expectations turn into reality. The only thing in my life that I can control is the way I think, my outer world or my reality is a reflection of my thoughts. If I can set my expectations high and support these expectations with the right intentions, I can architect my destiny. So the formula for happiness is Happiness = Expectations + Reality.

If this formula is correct then what about the formula of our ancient seers???

It is equally important for me to comprehend that expectations on others have a significant impact on me. What I expect from other around me is also one of the ingredients for me to experience happiness. It is here the formula of the seers work precisely. High expectations on others lower the intensity of happiness. One of those things in my life that I cannot control is the way others think and act. Yes, one can get motivated and also motivate but the situation could be the criteria for the fulfilment of the expectations. One of the biggest challenges in life is learning that to expect from others is dicey.  Once I realize that my expectations cannot change anyone, the better off I will be. The trouble is when the expectations that are placed on others do not materialize.

An expectation has its root in the “Wanting Mind.” This Wanting Mind is such an amazing thing that it is excellent when it is applied on me but it is not good when I apply it on others. When I apply it on me it is driven by goal, aspiration and purpose. Everything I experience throughout the course of my life is unique to me, since my perception is what is shaping my reality. I and only I have control over my thoughts and when I choose to expand my mind and to focus on the good, I will be happier. When I apply it on others it is driven by desire, aversion and anxiety. It becomes difficult for me to pin my experience of happiness on the expectations from others. 

“Expectation is the root of all heartache” says William Shakespeare. Why? Because I falsely assumed someone’s behaviour would match my expectations.

Expectations should be high on me and low on others.....what say???

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