Thursday, December 8, 2016

909. Revolving Towards Revolving Away....!

Sri Krishna uses the words Pravritti and Nivritti in Chapter 16 verses 7. He explains about the zeal in us for Self-Actualisation in this society and simultaneously briefs about our yearn for Self-Realisation. The former is called as Pravritti and the latter is called as Nivritti. Pravritti is revolving towards while Nivritti is revolving away. It will be important to understand and clearly segregate these two. In fact the individual and social aspect exists in both.

In Pravritti one practices righteousness at the individual level more and is not well place to think of at the social level for the wellness of the society. In Nivritti one braces righteousness at the individual level and give a leading hand in uplifting others righteously at the social level. Both the aspects are pleasing to the Him but the pleasure got in the experience of Nivritti is infinite.

If we look at the external obstruction that are caused in both the aspect the intensity is the same but if the excess attraction to the worldly objects are reduced to some extension one is in Pravritti and at the same time if the attraction towards worldly object is completely annihilated because of the yearning towards Self Realisation one is in Nivritti. In Pravritti the individual is keen only towards the knowledge of the unreality of these worldly objects. This knowledge is required to a person as he is bound to the welfare of his family. But in Nivritti the person even though is not completely against worldly objects, he is aware that those are not eternal. He is in search of that eternal new bond formed with the Absolute. He is completely aware of the fact that the bond with the Absolute alone can be eternal when compared to the worldly objects.

Nivritti should be the ultimate goal, as in the case of a student who is preparing for his final exam. His intentions should not be to get the pass marks but to aim at distinction. Likewise Pravritti is scoring the pass marks while Nivritti is like attempting for a Gold Medal by topping the university.

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