Thursday, December 15, 2016

915. The Honey Trap......!

The inferno of the asura Shoorpaka’s severe penance reached Kailasa. Maharudradeva who sat in the seat of silence was nudged by the heat emitted by the chants of “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.” Maharudradeva was pleased with the intense devotion displayed by his devotee.  He appeared before Shoorpaka in a jiffy. Shoorpaka asked Maharudradeva to grant him a boon. The boon was very weird; Shoorpaka wished that the moment he places his right hand on head of any person, that person should be reduced to ashes instantaneously. 

Maharudradeva who is known to be compassionate to his devotees grants him the boon and from that moment Shoorpaka acquires the name “Bhasmasura.” Ecstatic over the new found power the asura lost control of himself and wanted to test his destructive skill on his benefactor. 

Maharudradeva flees from the asura and hides in a cave. Maha Vishnu comes to the aid of His best friend. Donning the form of a bewitching beauty with the name Mohini, Maha Vishnu appears before Bhasmasura. 

Looking at the enchanting beauty the asura wants her to be his wife. Mohini agrees on one condition, he has to dance with her in rhythm to her dance steps. Both start dancing, and during a certain dance move, Mohini touches her head with her right hand. The asura follow suite and touches his head. Instantly he is reduced to a heap of ash.

This according to me is the first “Honey Trap” ever. From Sri Hari, the Mohini to Mata Hari, the Dutch Dancer to the recent Damini McNaught have all used their beauty to lure the men and make them fall into their trap. Also there were “Vishkanya” (poison maidens) who were used as Honey Traps by kings to assassin their enemies by exploiting their sexual appetite. While those Honey Traps were used earlier as stratagem to counter ruthless opponents now in recent days it is used as a blackmail tool. 

Latest to this Honey Trap saga is the IAF Officer who had been honey-trapped online by the Pakistani spy agency  ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) through two Facebook accounts. ISI operatives were masquerading as models through these Facebook profiles. After being lured through seductive conversations for a week he was enticed to share information pertaining to IAF exercises. Succumbing to the pressure he shared documents that mostly comprised of training and combat-related air exercises. Gagan Shakti was one such exercise whose details he passed on to the ISI. Now the IAF Officer has confessed to misdeeds and facing arrest.

I can only liken this Officer to the rogue elephant which the forest officials trap using “Kedda” operation. Sense gratification which when goes out of control, humans act beastly. There is neither fear of society nor will the self disgrace matter to them. 

There is this beautiful Subhashitam: 

Arthaturanam na gurur na bandhu 
(One who is desperate for Wealth, has neither guide nor friend).

Kamaturanam na bhayam na lajja
(One who is blinded by Lust, has neither fear nor shame).

Chintaturanam na sukham na nidra
(One who is engrossed in thoughts, has neither peace nor sleep).

Kshudhaturanam na ruchir ba pakvam
(One who is starving hungry, doesn’t care for taste and will not wait till cooked).

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