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The Great Mahabharatha war ended and Sri Krishna returned to Dwaraka. Sage Uttanaka who was unaware of the war enquired about the wellbeing of the members of the Kuru Clan. When the sage heard of the war and the decimation of Kauravas, he became angry on Sri Krishna. He felt that Sri Krishna could have stopped war and resolved the ill-will between the two cousins. Sri Krishna explained about His failed mission to prevent war and how adamant Duryodhana was by refusing to part with even five villages to Pandavas.

Sage Uttanaka was extremely remorseful for being angry with the Lord for no reason. He expressed his ignorance and sought pardon and expressed his desire to have a vision of  His Vishwaroopa (Cosmic Form). Sri Krishna out of compassion showed the Sage His Cosmic form and granted him a boon. Sage Uttanaka said, “It is sufficient for me now that I have had a vision of Your cosmic form. Yet if you are asking me for a boon let me take this opportunity to serve mankind. As I travel in desert areas and water is scarce there. I would wish to get water whenever I wish for it.” Sri Krishna told when you need water just think of me.

Many days passed and once while traversing a desert, Sage Uttanaka felt extremely thirsty and could not find any source of water. So, he thought of Sri Krishna. Immediately he saw a fierce-looking man smeared with dirt coming his way. Sage Uttanaka noticed that a copious stream of water was oozing out of his penis. The dirty man came up to the Sage and said, “I can see that you are thirsty and I feel pity. Accept this water from me and quench your thirst.”

Sage Uttanaka not imagine even in his dream that he would quench his thirst with this dirty man’s urine. He refused it outrageously but the dirty man insisted that the Sage drink the water and quench the thirst. Angered Sage Uttanaka shouted at the dirty man to leave immediately to avoid being cursed by him. The man walked away.

Sage Uttanaka was amazed and he wondered how could Sri Krishna failed to send him water. Immediately Sri Krishna appeared before him and said, “For your sake, I requested Indra to give you Amrita (ambrosia). He objected saying that mortal do not have rights over it. But on insisting repeatedly, he agreed to do. He, however, said that he would offer Amrita to you in the guise of a dirty man. If you are not willing to receive it he would leave without giving it to you. Unfortunately you did not have faith in my words and you thought that the liquid coming from the penis was urine and rejected it. Indra too wanted this to happen and this is what you have done too.”

Sri Krishna further told Sage Uttanaka, “You did request to have a vision of My Cosmic form, but you failed to know that I reside in all. Let go My Cosmic form, you did not have faith in My word too.”

In our daily life we have the undoubted grace of the Lord. Which I term it as "yoga" (fortune). This yoga is there for all of us, but it will materialise only when we have the "yogyatha" (deservance). We might have a few "hitashatrus" (enemies in the disguise of friends) who would see that we do not have that yogyatha to achieve that yoga.

This story from the Puranas guarantees me that with His assured grace I need not be skeptical. Here Sage Uttanaka can neither blame the Lord nor Indra but himself for losing out in relishing the ambrosia.

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