Tuesday, December 20, 2016

919. 84 Lakh Species.......!

All objects and elements of physical matter have energy component in them which is called Chaitanya (Consciousness). Only those physical matters which have Prana (Vital Breath) in them do have Chetana (Conscious). The awareness of the Chetana is Chaitanya.

According to Dvaita Siddhanta when Vayu who is Jeevottama (Supreme among living beings) leaves the body Sri Hari who is Sarvottama (Supreme among ALL) follows and it is death. Note: One should not confuse this Chetana (Conscious) to Antahkarna (Conscience) which is only in Humans. Conscience is the individual moral sense which helps in discrimination. It has its origin in Buddhi (Intellect).

Modern biology reiterates that this biodiversity we find is due to a genetic variation propelled by occasional chance mutation. However, according to Vedanta it is the Karma and Trigunas at play. As if to justify this Vedas explain that biodiversity is a process to accommodate the various states of Consciousness in different life forms. There is a gradual evolution of Consciousness through various species of life forms owing to the subtle laws of karma. These life forms are said to be 84 Lakhs in number which include microorganisms, insects, plants, birds, reptiles, animals, and humans. Padmapurana gives an approximate statistics of these 84 Lakh yonis. 

9,00,000 forms of Jalaja (Aquatic). 
20,00,000 Sthavara (Trees and Plants). 
11,00,000 Krimayo (Insects and Reptiles).
10,00,000 species of Pakshinam (Birds).
30,00,000 varieties of Pashavah (Animals).
And finally 4,00,000 Manavah (Humans). 

This Consciousness evolution in the Cosmic Time scale grants human form of life after passing through millions of varieties of life forms. Hence different degree of Consciousness is expressed through different bodies. Vedanta classifies the degree of Consciousness into five categories taking a metaphor of a Flower: 

Acchadita (Covered): This degree of Consciousness is found in Trees and Plants. Hence they can feel but do not act or react. 

Sankucita (Closed): This degree of Consciousness is found in animals, birds and reptiles. They can feel and also act and react but cannot resolve. 

Mukulita (Budding): This degree of Consciousness is found in Humans they can feel, react and also revolve, but by using illogical mind. Though civilized they have only the four goals SEED namely Sleep, Eat, Enjoy, Defend. They don’t believe in Cosmic Laws and think “Might is Right” or occasionally they follow a whimsical system of law that is pleasing to the body, mind and senses. They perform action with the sense of Doer-Ship, hence the action they do has the tinge of selfishness. The outcome so is engrossed by Vikalpa (Conceptions).

Vikasita (Blooming): This degree of Consciousness is found in Humans they can feel, react and also revolve, but by using logical mind. They know that the universe is running on Cosmic Laws. They perform action without the sense of Doer-Ship, hence the action they perform is selfless. The outcome thus is Savikalpa (Visionary)

Poorna Vikasita (Blossomed).: This degree of Consciousness is where spontaneous unconditional love is manifested. Here one is not concerned about any laws. They do not perform action but live in them, hence there is neither selfishness not selflessness. The outcome thus becomes Nirvikalpa (Trans conceptual). Such individuals will have attained complete transcendental realization, SATCHITANANDA-the “fully blossomed’ state of Consciousness. There is no further evolutions and it is the final Oneness-Advaitha.

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