Sunday, December 18, 2016

917. Never hog like Hogs.....!

In business arena there is a lovely saying “Bull and Bears make money; Hogs get slaughtered.” Hog is synonymous to greed. Greed is the dangerous emotion than fear. Fear may stop a businessman from venturing into new field of business. But then his capital is saved as long as it is in the safe, on the other hand greed pushes to act, in ways and at times when he shouldn’t. Hence it is dangerous. 

I am saddened looking at the way some of the staff members of the private bank are behaving at this time of currency note crunch. When the common man is finding it difficult to get his quotes of Rs. 2000 per day, this selfish people in the bank are exchanging the old notes to new ones on commission basis. The purpose of the demonetisation drive will go down the drain. Moreover I am surprised that knowing very well that they will surely be prosecuted for their criminal act these people are not concerned at all.       

Once a young man was walking past a hill region saw an elderly man tying a narrow neck bottle to the branch of a tree. In the bottle he had put some peanuts.  Out of curiosity, he asked, “What are you doing?” 

Elderly man answered, “I am setting a trap for a monkey. I intend to catch one of them and train it to perform tricks”. 

The young man asked, “Where is the trap I see you have only tied a bottle with some peanuts in it.”

The man replied, “This place is infested with monkeys. One of them will certainly notice this bottle and the peanuts in it. So, it will put its paw in and grab the peanuts. The bottle neck is too narrow for the monkey to withdraw its paw along with the peanut. The monkey is captured.”

The young man said, “Are you kidding? Will not the monkey release the peanuts; extricate its paw and escape.”  

“You’d think the monkey will let go the peanut and escape? The monkey is so greedy that it never does. Greed is the trap here.” The elderly man quipped.

The young man did not believe this technique will work and moved on. Just as he was going past a pond he noticed a frog shooting out its tongue and catching a fly with it. Amused, he started to watch the frog. It jumped from one lotus leaf to another busy swallowing the flies that get stuck to its sticky tongue. As it was near the bush a water snake stealthily came up to it from behind and swiftly caught it in its mouth. With half of its body in the mouth of the snake the frog protruded its tongue to catch a fly which was sitting on a twig. 

Meanwhile, the snake proceeded to swallow the frog. The young man thought to himself, “What a strange sight! Even at its moment of death, this silly frog was busy catching a fly!” 

A few of them are behaving like those moneys and frogs. What to make quick buck. They seem not to be like bulls and bears but want to hog like hogs thinking what they are doing is good. A lot of successful individuals have said that they’d rather be lucky than good. For them, it’s better to attribute success to luck than their own skills. It might not be good for the ego, but it’s definitely good for the wanton psyche. And that’s probably one of the secrets of success. 

Don’t be a hog and you won’t get slaughtered.......!

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