Thursday, December 29, 2016

925. Organic Hungama......!

The usage of the word “Organic” is now a new trend to market the products. Organic stores have mushroomed all of a sudden; we have organic vegetables, organic cosmetics, organic health products, organic cloths and organic wine too. Veggies grown in farms are not organic. Savayava Krushi (Organic Farming) involves nil usage of chemicals in pesticides or fertilizers. 

A farmer using “Jeevamrutha” (Nectar of Life) as fertilizer and “Neemastra” (Neem Missile) as the pesticide can only proudly say that the produce from his farm is organic. Jeevamrutha is a preparation made by mixing fresh cow dung of humped Vedic cow with water, cow urine, a small quantity of jaggery and any pulse flour along with a handful of soil from the same land. The mixture is stored in shade for 4 to 5 days, but stirred twice a day. It is used as fertilizer to enhance the fertility of the soil. Neemastra is got from marinating fresh neem leaves in cow urine for 4 to 5 days in shaded place and sieved. It is used as pesticide, fungicide, herbicide and insecticide.    
Now the latest addition to the list of organic products is organic milk. I was curious to know what this organic milk is. I visited a web page which elaborated the meaning of this organic milk. It said, “Our cows grow in natural environment and we feed them with “young green grass” of Maize, Napier and Oilseed complements to get healthy organic milk.” 

Will just feeding the cow with best fodder make them yield organic milk I wondered??? 

A little deep study gave me the clarity I needed which I wish to share here. 

First we need to know about milk. There are two types of milk A1 and A2. A1 milk is got from the hump less Jersey cow while A2 milk comes from the humped Vedic cow. Though the milk got from these humped Vedic cows is less in quantity, the quality is much better compared to those got from Jersey cows. Our ancients used to rear only humped dwarf Vedic cows prior to the introduction of jersey cows in the name of “white revolution” which no doubt enhanced the quantity of milk but at the cost of its quality.    

If a hump less Jersey cow is nurtured with green pasture and fed with protein fodder it will never yield organic milk. The milk from the humped Vedic cows is A2 milk which is good for health. It is found from recent research that when the A1 milk from the hump less Jersey cow is consumed the proteins in the milk breaks down to compound called Peptides which play a major role in development of autism. Autism is a complex mental condition that includes impairment in social interaction, communication skills and repetitive behaviour. 

In our scriptures we have noticed the mention of “Kamadhenu” cow it is supposed to be of the breed of Vedic cows. The speciality of this breed of cows is the presence of Suryaketu Nadi a specific vein which has the capacity to absorb the energy and radiation from the sun, moon and other luminaries in the universe and garner them in their milk which is A2 milk. The breeds from the pastureland of Gir in Gujarat produce this milk. Some vegans feel that milk is harmful for human consumption but none in Vrindavana had an iota of doubt about consumption of milk in Dwapara Yuga. No Jersey Cows there only Gir Cows.

It is an irony that we just are contented with the half baked knowledge poured out from internet that we have forgotten to verify or validate from books. There is nothing wrong in using Google but it is not the ultimate Guru....What say??? 

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