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938. The period between conceiving and contractions...!

Srishti Yagna (Offering for Creation) is an act involving a couple who are ready to welcome their progeny. Garbhadharana Samskara (Sacrament of Matrimonial Union) is one of the 16 Samskara which ensures that the conceiving happens not by accident instead it is well planned as the mental state of the couple at the time of union matters a lot for the progeny.         

Garbhadharana is when the father impregnates his Veerya (Vital fluid) into the Kshetra (Field) which is the cervical canal of the mother. That fluid flows through the cervical canal and if the field is fertile it enters the Garbhasaya (uterus). It is here the Veeryanu (Sperm) meets the Andanu (Egg) and thereafter the formation of Pinda (Zygote) happens. 

Garbhopanishad which is a part of Krishna Yajurveda illustrates in detail the conception and growth of the progeny in the womb. It has two parts the first part explains the subtle ingredients in the body like Panchabhutas (Five eternal Elements). Whatever is hard is of Earth, liquid is water, warm is fire; whatever moves about is air and space-enclosed is ether. The Shad Rasas (six flavours) sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungent and astringent. Then there is the mention of the gross composition of the body like blood, bones, muscles etc. By relishing food, blood is formed and from blood flesh is shaped, thence fat, bones, marrow and semen. 

The second part of the Garbhopanishad throws light on the systematic growth of the embryo in the womb. The embryo which is in the form of froth will become a mass in a fortnight. In a months’ time it is Pinda (zygote) and it is now hard. The shape of the head and body evolves within 60 days. The feet get separated in the 3rd month and in the 4th month intestine, stomach and other internal organs grow. The eyes, nose, ears develop in the 5th month. By the 8th month full growth is attained and then during the 9th month the bodily and the mental activities start. In the 10th month the infant as a Jeevi is eager to come out of the womb to face the world. 

The couple need to understand that it was the Jeevi which chooses them & not vice versa. Though the act for the creation was mentioned as the Srishti Yagna in the beginning of this write-up, one has to understand that we are just the carriers of the gene not the creators. It is the Sanskara (impression) and Vasana (tendencies) which define the type of womb, the Jeevi inherits the instincts from the father and intuition from the mother. Jeevi in the womb has significant impact on the mother and it shows interest in her. Jeevi can recognise the mothers’ voice and can whiff her smell. Mother’s emotions affect the Jeevi in day-to-day activities. 

It is the Jeevi which decides the time to emerge out of the womb. The Jeevi has the knowledge of all the past many lives and can number the present womb which it has entered. Swimming in the tank filled with amniotic fluid, the Jeevi thinks of the Absolute Consciousness and says, “Oh dear Lord, by your unconditional mercy I am awakened to consciousness again. I do not wish to depart from this mother’s womb to fall again into the blind well of materialistic life. But then I cannot stay here in this terrible condition. Please grace me with intellect to pay back my karmic debt and return back to you.” 

To pay back the Karmic Debt the journey continues and this awareness about those various births and re-entering the number of womb and the decision not to get entangled in the cycle of birth and re-birth just fades off as soon as the umbilical cord is severed. This is termed as “Vishnu Maya.”

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