Friday, January 6, 2017

940. Is there a prerequisite qualification to be a devotee???

Jnana Yoga put forth some prerequisite condition for a seeker, like to have Viveka (discrimination), Vairagya (dispassion), Shatsampatti (Six virtue., mind control, sense control, faith, endurance, contentment, equanimity), Mumukshattva (intense desire for liberation). In Bhakti Yoga there is no such prerequisite proviso. To be a bhakta a seeker need not have any qualification or a criterion. One can turn towards bhakti in any phase of his life, like Prahlada who could start his journey of devotion when he was in his mothers’ womb or as Ajamila who could remember Him at the eleventh hour.  

Some say, “One has to be entitled to perform the rituals to tread the path of devotion”. 
With my little knowledge on the scriptures I wish to know, “What was the profession of Dharmavyada?” Was he not a butcher who could impart the knowledge of Brahman to the sage who could burn down a bird by just looking at it?

“Should one be of a prescribed age to be a devotee.” some ask in doubt. As far as I know Dhruva, son of King Uttanapada was just five year old when he obtained a vision of the Lord. The tiny toddler managed to get himself a place better than his fathers’ lap, the Dhruva Mandala (Pole Star).
“The ability to utter slokas and mantras a must to be a devotee?” is a must feel some. 
What sloka or mantra did Gajendra, the elephant recite for Maha Vishnu? Maha Vishnu seem to be in a hurry to save the elephant from the jaws of the crocodile, He fly down from Vaikunta mounted on Garuda without informing his consort Sri Devi.  

Those who are often pleased by affluence believe, “Only rich and wealthy are qualified to be the devotees of the Lord.” 
All that Sudama had with him was a handful of beaten rice to offer to his childhood friend Sri Krishna. Where is the question of wealth and richness in devotion? The pomp and show never works here.    

“Should one be born as a Brahmin to be a devotee of the Lord” some argue. 
Vidhura was not born in a Brahmin family. When Sri Krishna came to Hastinapura as an ambassador to Pandavas, He chose to stay in Vidhura’s place. He also accepted the banana skin which the mesmerised Vidhura offered by mistake.  

“Only those who offer the best of the best can be his devotees.” think a few of them. 
What did Sabari offer to Shri Rama? Was it not just the berries which she collected in the forest? She in fact tasted the berries to check if they were sweet or sour, before offering it to Him and He accepted them. 

While explaining to Arjuna about the offering He will accept from his devotes Sri Krishna mentions “Patram, Pushpam, Phalam, Toyam” (Leaf, Flower, Fruit and Water). Lord has given us an excellent option. He has suggested any of these can be offered to Him. One has to contemplate on the stuff Sri Krishna has mentioned in this verse. A Leaf, or a Flower or a Fruit if neither of them, then just water in the cupped palm offered in the form of Arghya will do. He considers only devotion nothing else. 

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