Sunday, January 15, 2017

945. An Ocean in a Drop......!

The pilgrimage of the water molecule from the ocean and back to ocean is termed “Hydrologic Cycle.”It is the journey of the water molecule from the ocean surface to the sky and their way to the earth plane and then back to the ocean. This colossal voyage is powered by the energy from the sun and by the plants. There is a continuous exchange of moisture between the oceans, the atmosphere, and the land. While the visible part of evaporation is carried out by the sun, plants do their bit unnoticeably by transpiration. Due to the heat energy from the sun the water molecules evaporate and rise. The rising air currents carry it upward high into the atmosphere. Due to the high pressure they condense from a gas to a liquid to form cloud droplets. Cloud droplets can grow and produce precipitation which is the primary mechanism for water to come back to the earth plane.

When this cloud droplets fall over the land surface, it follows various routes in its subsequent paths. Some of it evaporates immediately as it falls and returning back to the atmosphere. Some seeps into the ground as soil moisture and are absorbed by the roots of the plants to be let out in due course of time. Some flow off into streams and then on to rivers and finally reach the ocean again. Almost all of those water molecules which left from the ocean bed eventually have to reach the ocean at sometime or the other and this cycle continues over and over again. This is an amazing system that is happening in nature since eons. 

If we notice at different stages of the hydrologic cycle, this water molecule which is basically ocean gets different names and forms like water vapour, cloud, rain, soil moisture, stream and river. Though it is the same ocean water which is at every stage I cannot call it ocean all the times. I will call it in different names looking at its form and appearance, like if it is in gaseous form I term it as vapour. When it is condensed, it becomes cloud droplets which I call rain. If it is flowing shallow I name it stream and if it has depth it is river to me. The water molecule gains its own individuality the moment it is away from the ocean. 

A Jeevatma (Individual Consciousness) is also like that water molecule. The moment it gets away from the Paramatma (Absolute Consciousness) it gets its own identity. The destiny plays the role of the energetic sun. The different stages which the water molecule had to endure, is the different births for the Jeevatma. Those water molecules which evaporate the moment they fall on earth are like those of the Jeevan Mukthas it need not undergo too many transformations. Some water molecules enter the soil and get absorbed by the roots of the plants, likewise some Jeevatmas are attracted to materialist comforts and get absorbed by the mundane world. They then get liberated in the due course of time just as the roots in the plant release the water molecule.
The duality exists in the name and form of the water molecule in reality it is one and the same. 

Jalal-al-din Muhammad Balki, the greatest Sufi mystic and poet fondly known as Rumi says “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” We often are so narrowly focused that we only see ourselves as a drop in the ocean. This could be due to feeling of scarcity, a thought which says we are not enough, rather than acknowledging the miraculous culmination of evolution and creation, and elements.

I am the entire ocean re-establishes in me that I have everything I need to sustain and it is within me. There is no scarcity in an ocean. I am not a teeny tiny particle of a huge entity. I have and am all things in myself. That amalgam of all things is a part of an amalgam of whole........ I am nothing in everything and everything in nothing.......I AM THAT.

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