Thursday, January 12, 2017

944. The Middlemen.......!

There is a well-known proverb in Kannada which goes like this: Devaru Kottaru Poojary Vara Koda (Though God grants the wish, the priest wouldn't). This is to illustrate the pathetic state of a person who though being a beneficiary, has a middleman who would not let the benefits reach him. The God would have granted the wish but in between the God and His Devotee there is the priest who holds the reign and he is called The Middleman.  
I have always wondered why one need this middleman, why not have a direct touch with the God who is not elsewhere but inside everyone. There is a difference between having a Preceptor (Guru) and a Priest (Poojary). Preceptor is the one who guides us to the path and they are very much necessary they are like the road maps. We need to keep them along the journey. Priests are like the signboards in our journey they too play an important role in guiding us, but only for a short while. We need to look at the signboard and move on we need not carry the sign board along with us.

The middlemen who are addressed as “Dalal” (Middlemen) are a big problem in the modern society. Earlier there was no such character or designation as middleman. Our farmer would sell his agricultural produce in the “Santhe,” the weekly market and it was a win-win situation of him as well as the consumers. Now with the advent of middlemen there is no direct contact between the farmer and the consumer, the middleman sits between them and plays all the trick. The farmer is badly hit and the consumer is helpless. Such is the position of the middleman.

Even a army general can become a middleman and swindle the funds coming from the central government. Recently one of our Jawans posted his woes in the social media he was complaining about the quality and quantity of the food Border Security Force personnel gets. He was says that though our Indian Government is releasing funds for them, the defence personnel serving at the borders are made to starve. Some have gone hammer and thong over the issue to spot the black dot in the style of functioning of our P.M. While a few who stand behind the P.M are scrutinising the past of the “whistleblower” saying he was a habitual drunkard and was suspended many times on disciplinary grounds. Both are not behaving as responsible citizens. There is no point in talking against our P.M as well as trying to dig the past of the revolting solider.

The noticeable truth is like that of the Kannada proverb mentioned above. Though the central government allocated substantial funds to the defence the funds are not used appropriately, we had statements from the villagers near the border that the groceries were sold at half the price to them. Whoever is selling them is like that Priest in the proverb. He is between the government and the BSF personnel......It is time to annihilate that character..... What say???

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